The holiday season can often times be a hectic and stressful time of year for some. Luckily, we here in the Bay area are privileged to be among some of the leading industry innovators in awesome app development and easy to use services that are available to anyone with a smartphone.  Here’s 10 easy last minute gift ideas that are not only really simple, but manage to be useful all year round (with a little help from the internet and the app store!)





This one’s a no brainer for the non-tech savvy loved one in your life (grandparents love this type of sh** especially if you throw in a gift card to a semi fancy restaurant and send them off in style with a well rounded gift). Getting a promo card from an Uber/Lyft driver is as easy as asking and you can fit it into a card with the likes of your other gift cards and not have to spend a damn thing. The first ride with this promo code is worth $35 on average which usually = a free ride.


Farm Fresh To You/Safeway




This one is for the college student slash independent spirit of a young person in your life who, let’s face it, orders out and forgets to eat vegetables every once in a while. Farm Fresh not only forces said loved person to start loving their body, but supports local growers, and is super f***ing delicious. Boxes value starting at $33 but on your first order you recieve their largest box option for the price of a small box, AND, bonus, they deliver boxes between the hours of 1-4am to ensure freshness and it helps make sure you’ll be home when they arrive; who doesn’t want to wake up to a package? Safeway also offers free first time delivery on groceries, and loads of in-app coupons available for download which are a gift unto themselves if you sign someone up AND get them a nifty little Safeway Giftcard.






Yes, this is an alcohol delivery service. You’re welcome. This one is also an app and unfortunately only available in restrictive SF zipcodes (sorry East Bay), but if you’re ever in the City at a friend’s or a holiday work event, you can always be that cool guy at the party by ordering the booze as a gift to everyone! Tis the season for it to be acceptable to be drunk at the office and eat hella cookies too! This also works if you forgot a gift for someone. Slap a bow on a bottle of wine and call it a silent night; you just gave the perfect gift and spent half the effort.


Dollar Shave Club




For the sharp shootin’ dude in your life. And, because a well-shaved man is really a gift to everyone. With daily, weekly or bi-monthly delivery options available per your grooming schedule specifications, these guys are based out of SoCal and offer some of the best products available to keep your mane tamed.


Stitch Fix




This one is really fun because it’s interactive and really allows you to find things that correspond with your giftee’s personality and specific sizing. It’s also pretty perfect across the age spectrum too, keeping in mind current trends and classic styles that work for you. They also offer gift cards for your gift-giving convenience!


Netflix /Hulu




So you don’t have to keep f***ing with my taste profile. (I actually don’t think I’d be interested in Breaking Bad at all, Netflix. Stop.) Also, good for the starving student/artist in your life who probably doesn’t have cable. AND, huge bonus, the first month is usually free. GOT & OITNB FOR EVERYONE!






$15 off on your first delivery is essentially as good as a “free delivery”, whether you put a meal on your card and deliver their favorite restaurant as a gift or VenMo/PayPal them the money to buy themselves a classy night in with some of the Bay area’s finest dining. If you haven’t tried this yourself, I urge you to immediately.






Get them a night’s stay somewhere in SF for a few nights of sight seeing and City life, or at a quaint space in the Oakland hills to get away from it all.


Nail Polish Subscription Boxes

photo 3



Yeah, you heard me. New nail polish, on your doorstpep, every month. Like a f***ing, magical nail polish fairy that just delivers fierceness and fabulosity in her wake to the rest of us basics in the night. Check out this list of a few of the best here.


Google Express




This one is another amazing tool to utilize locally. Google literally can do everything (including spy on you via Google earth and predict what ads and searches will work best for you) and now they can deliver you anything… from virtually anywhere. Need a comforter from Bed, Bath and Beyond? Done. Need a new entertainment set from Ikea? No problem. (Maybe. I’m not sure… Don’t quote me.) But seriously, pretty good if you don’t have time to actually go out and buy a gift for someone but know exactly what they need and where to get it. The first 3 months are also free.


Happy Holidays you savvy shoppers! Spread good cheer with ease this year and get something for yourself while you’re at it!