One January Saturday, I was chillin’ in beautiful downtown Sacramento, near Lavender Heights. A very fashionable couple came along and started to rap it up with me. They were very well stylized, full of smiles and charasmatic. “If you ever come to San Diego – we will take you around!” This couple is awesome I thought – and we have stayed connected ever since.

Angelica Angeles and her girlfriend Luffy Nápoles, who works at the LGBT Center San Diego, spoke to me about how Angeles is breaking through the fashion industry as an androgynous model and has been trying to promote herself with different androgynous styles.

There is so much stress being a model in the first place, but to be modeling a style that has yet to be defined is even harder. Everyone’s trying to carve their way into this market, but good news for Angelica–she made her big debut at Oakland’s Queer Fashion Week.



“My fashion is my identity. My style is fluid. I am @Aries_i_am.”


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