It seems that there was a memo everyone managed to get copies of at this years 57th Annual Grammy Awards, as everyone seemed to be wearing the the same exact things. Ok, not exactly the same thing, there are hoards of stylists, fashion houses and PR reps that would die before they let that happen, but nonetheless, this year’s step-and-repeat had less to do with the background and more to do with the wardrobes. A sea of silver, masses of black beads, and monochromatics as far as the eye could see. It was a far stretch from what we’re used to on music’s biggest night, much tamer than the days of Xtina, P!nk and Lil Kim. But from the monotony in wardrobe came epic battles of who wore the trend best. We’re here to break down some of the triumphs and ‘better-luck-next-year’s’.

Megan Trainor VS Jesse J



These babes in black are giving sultry beaded looks for miles and are dripping in eleganza. Jessie J’s break from shorter tighter ensembles is definitely much appreciated, but I’m gonna have to give it to Megan Trainor for going to this award’s show with the right kind of mindset; one that’s channeling Beyonce super hard, because that’s what you do when it’s your first Grammy’s. You go, Megan!

Beyonce VS India Arie


Ok, so this wasn’t Bey’s red carpet look, but let’s face it, of all the outfits she wore (pre-, during, and post-show) this was the best. And it would seem that whilst Megan was channeling Yonce, Queen B herself was channeling India Arie; who seemed to be channeling mother earth, per usual. Both looked stunning, but I’m gonna have to give it to Queen B for the stage lighting and heavenly glow. She straight looked like an angel you guys. Angel wins every time.

 Miley Cyrus VS Nicole Kidman


A battle for the ages indeed. When did you think you’d hear these two’s names together in any facet? Well, here they are, in all their black cutout dressed glory. I’ll give it to Nicole for embracing the lob (long bob), but Miley’s finally looking sexy without looking raunchy and I think we should reward this type of good behavior if we want to see more of this and less of her tongue in the future. Miley wins.


The Band Perry VS HAIM


This is a tough one. Both are amazing groups. Both have impeccable style; though I will admit, The Band Perry oft relies on Kimberly Perry’s awesome outfits, this one included. Whereas the HAIM sisters manage to effortlessly retain their individual personas while maintaining cohesion with some long-haired-sisterly-witchcraft. I’m going to have to give it to The Band Perry though. That dress stands on its own and trumps everything. Seriously, look at it.


Gwen Stefani VS Anna Kendrick


Battle of the Panted Ladies! We all know how much I love jumpsuits right?! Pants on the red carpet are my thing. I love them. That being said, these two ladies asked all the right things when attempting to wear pants at a formal event: Is it black? Check. Am I wearing heels? Check. Is my hair and makeups super simple? Check! This one’s going to Anna Kendrick though. Mainly because she’s never looked better, and the sexy blazer is totally making a comeback. Sorry Gwen, cool shiny swirly boob thing though.

Ariana Grande + Lady Gaga VS Paris Hilton + Mary J Blige


Ok, this has to be the most random standoff of them all. Not just because of the people involved, but because of who the unlikely winners are. Where Ariana Grande and Gaga took over-the-top sexy silver a little too far, Paris managed to come out of nowhere and completely blindside these two pop stars (get it? Stars? Blind? That one single Paris Hilton put out that was kind of ok?) Same with Mary J Blige, who hasn’t been relevant since she performed with Drake at the VMAs in 2010. They may be sporting silver, but for once, these two aren’t in second place. Congrats guys.

And now for the stand-outs. The solo contenders. The ones who rose above and beyond the musical elite to give us some real Grammy’s glam.



The only dude that ever dares to wear shorts with his suits, be 41 and look better than his female counterpart on every red carpet. (Seriously though, Adidas tracksuit on the red carpet?)

Taylor Swift


I love this dress. No one else wore this color (I don’t think anyone HAS worn this color), this cut, those shoes. The ensemble as a whole is sweet, and daring and elegant and cool. It’s what the Grammy’s red carpet should be.

Madonna & Prince


And here’s what the Grammy’s red carpet is used to. Leave it to two powerhouses who have been around since the very first Grammy awards (well, almost, the Grammy’s is actually only 1 year older than both stars) to bring us back to the good old days, when rock stars and pop stars wore gaudy, ridiculously revealing, borderline tacky ensembles to garner the most looks. As ridiculous as these two look, I have to say, they’re keeping the Grammy’s spirit of individuality, spectacle and showmanship alive for generations to come.