To me, the phrase “through thick and thin” is a reference to eyebrows. Mostly because my eyebrows have been on quite the roller coaster since my mum first let me get them shaped when I was in seventh grade. They started out thick and glorious. So thick and glorious, in fact, that if they climbed off of my face to battle Audrey Hepburn’s eyebrows (yes, they climbed off of her face too), they would have been a worthy adversary (but, eventually lost because…DUH). Goddamnit, anyway. Then we switched to a different brow lady, and no matter how many times I told her to keep ’em thick, they got thinner and thinner (I cringe to remember that thin brows were a thing in the late ’90s and early 2000s). And they pretty much stayed that way. Even through my freshman year of college! Ugh. Thin. Skinny. They were weaklings.

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With my beloved roommate, Mel, of three years. The freshman fifteen wasn't kind to me, but she always was.

My thin eyebrows with my beloved roommate of three years, Mel. The freshman fifteen wasn’t kind to me, but she always was.

Then, I realized how thin they were and went in the complete opposite direction. I pretty much just stopped shaping them at all. Which, I guess, is better than the alternative, but…still…not the best look.

Unruly brows and blond hair? Who is this human.

Unruly brows and blond hair? Who is this human.

After all this time, I have found my happy medium. But, sometimes you want to shape them differently and sometimes you want them to be thicker. These are all things you can do…with a little patience and these steps.

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1. First things first, LET THEM GROW. This can be a little tough for the perfectionists out there, myself included. I mentally make an eighth of an inch No-Touch Zone around my brows. For two weeks, those lines will be respected no matter how much it bugs me. I’ll clean stuff up in the open zone to make me feel better.

As you may or may not be able to see, they're lookin' a little crazy.

This is the face of someone who needs to do some SERIOUS spring cleaning on her brows.

2. Clean ’em up. Have you left them alone for two weeks? You better have. OR ELSE. Grab a magnifying mirror, a brow brush, some Tweezermans, and let’s get to work. Brush brows up and carefully pluck the shape you want. I like clean lines and rounded tails. That reminds me…BE CAREFUL AROUND THE TAILS. You might find that you don’t end up plucking those at all. Brush brows straight and super carefully get rid of the strays above your brows. DON’T FUCK WITH YOUR ARCHES.

I haven't even filled 'em in yet and they already look so much better.

I haven’t even filled ’em in yet and they already look so much better.

3. Trim time. Sometimes brows look unruly and they just need to be trimmed. Brush your brows up and, with little tiny nail scissors (yeah, they’re nail scissors, but try to get past that), trim the strays that peak over the line of your brow. If that doesn’t make any sense, here’s a picture.

Does that help? Maaaybe?

Does that help? Maaaybe?

4. Fill those babies in. I’ve been using Anastasia’s Brow Pomade exclusively because I’m lazy and it has an amazing staying power. Then I clean up the edges (I told you I was a perfectionist) with a wet Q-tip and then concealer.

Like so.

Like so.

And that, ladies and gents, is how you get your brows back on track.



This is a relatively painless way to thicken your brows, so repeat steps until they reach desired thickness and enjoy! It’s never too late to get your brows nice and sculpted!