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Field Day and Friends
Field Day and Friends seems tucked away and hidden on it’s own peaceful stretch of 19th Street, but in spite of the relative quiet of the area, it’s less than 5 minutes’ walk from the 19th Street BART! You’ll first notice the sales’ rack in front of the store: do give it a looksie. I found a dress in an adorable America-themed print that I was THIS close to buying (I decided my journalistic integrity should come before my love of themed sundresses.)


FD&F (I am a super kool person which is why I like to nickname everything) is Oakland designer Trinity Cross’s brainchild. Her label, Field Day, is a nicely focused collection of dresses, and pretty slammin’ dresses, I have to say. They’re right in my wheelhouse: comfortable, flattering, vintage-inspired, in gloriously bright patterns, and with POCKETS!)


I got a chance to talk to Trinity about what makes her tick, fashion-wise. The answer to that is mainly: 1) sustainability, and 2) clothes that flatter and emphasize the beauty of women’s bodies. Check, and mate! I can groove with both of those. Trinity noted that she wants her dresses to show off a lady’s curves, especially by hugging the waist. But for all you broads protectively clutching your BBQ-flavored chips and pints of ice cream in dismay, don’t worry! There is elastic smocking on the back of the dresses so your waist is hugged, but in a comfortable, flexible, and expandable way. As Trinity said, “You should be able to wear these dresses both to parties and when you’re working in the garden,” so you’re also covered for garden parties!


Back to the “sustainable fashion” thing: the bedsheet dresses are made from good stuff like leftover garment rolls, U.S. milled organic cotton, vintage fabric, or deadstock materials. Plus, they’re all unique since each one is made from scavenged fabric. No fear of running into some asshole at your friend’s picnic who’s wearing the same Target dress (it looked better on you, darling. Why would I lie to you?) Occasionally, Trinity heads down to LA, where they apparently have a fabulous selection of deadstock materials and fabrics. (OK, LA, there’s ONE thing you do better than us. Well, that and ridiculous fusion food trucks.)


Sizes XS-L in a zillion different patterns, $120

Sizes XS-L in a zillion different patterns, $120

I'm like a kid in a candy store right now. Come to Mama, you gorgeous patterns, you!

I’m like a kid in a candy store right now. Come to Mama, you gorgeous patterns, you!

A lot of thoughts about sustainability also went into the interior of the shop! The floors are reclaimed wood, and some of the clothes racks are made out of old pipes that came with the building. The crowning glories are the two towering French doors that gleam from floor up to the ceiling, some 15 feet up. They’re composed from antique window frames, and make you feel like a humble hobbit in front of them. They’re useful, too: they separate the front of house from the workspace in back. The workshop itself is a mitzvah for the fabric lover to lay eyes upon, and customers are more than welcome to take a peek.


PS: you get 10% off if you model your cute new outfit for a photo in the store!

PS: you get 10% off if you model your cute new outfit for a photo in the store!

Don't you just want to touch every single scrap of fabric? No? Just me?

Don’t you just want to touch every single scrap of fabric? No? Just me?

Lest this begin to sound like a paid advertisement (in your head, please read that with a posh and haughty English accent. Say it with me: “adVER-tiz-ment”) let me assure you that I’m just stoked on this place. I love seeing Oakland’s scene continue to bloom, and to see local designers helping out and featuring OTHER local designers. Isn’t that the way it should be, in a perfect world? (Also in my perfect world, all clothes would be free, all mac ‘n cheese would be vegan, and all of you would be dogs. Sorry.)

So here’s another rad thing about Field Day and Friends: the “and Friends” part. The store showcases other local Bay Area designers: it’s hard out there for an artist who doesn’t have a brick and mortar!  It’s mostly jewelry designers, but there’s also a nice selection of things that just smell nice and are made by locals, from colognes to candles. Local visual artists are featured too: the wall space acts as a regularly-rotating gallery.


Your Burner friends will love these hats! I ain't hatin', I swear.

Your Burner friends will love these hats! I ain’t hatin’, I swear. But TRUST me.

Here’s some of the current featured jewelry from Foxtale Fanny. Not only do I have a weakness for golden brooches with a patina of age to them, but foxes also happen to be my spirit animals, so I fell in love instantly with this shop. (You might think I’m too level-headed to buy into the whole “spirit animal” thing, but you’d be wrong. I have not one, but THREE spirit animals, and if you haven’t figured yours out, I WILL press you to look inside your heart and find out. Oh, and do NOT say “lion.”)


Foxtale Fanny


animal brooch pin

An acorn can be your spirit animal, too.

An acorn can be your spirit animal, too.

Now, here’s the nitty gritty details. No, wait! Don’t stop reading just yet, these are GOOD TIPS, no boring stuff! JUST the tips, if you feel me. Anyway, if you’re ever going to be a famous and hip Oakland stylemaker, you’re gonna have to listen up to nitty gritty details about upcoming shows once in a while.


SO! FD&F participates in First Fridays with Art Murmur, so tear yourself away from the food trucks and stroll a couple blocks over to 19th Street. Every month there’s a new local designer featured, as well as a new artist.
local oakland art

An adorably tiny gallery right above the dress rack

And don’t miss the Make It Reign Fashion Show later this month! Besides having a delightfully punny name, it looks like it’s going to be wicked-cool. It’s a runway and trunk fashion show at Runway Style House (if you’re a fan of either me or of RSH you may remember THIS! But please just whisper sweet nothings in my ear and pretend it’s me you’re a fan of) and if you need more convincing, there will be BOOZE. See you there, killers!