Feria Urbana: Oakland Finds


Hopefully you read about Feria Urbana in my weekly events round-up and you went and, like me, met friendly local designers and purchased some fabulous goods. But if you missed it, don’t worry, the fair will be running all summer. And when you see the awesomeness highlighted below, you’ll be running to Feria Urbana’s website, joining the mailing list and eagerly awaiting the next fair. Until then, check out these awesome designers in person or visit their websites.


nous savons

1. Nous Savons Jocelyn Nguyen is the creator of this unique necklace that can also be worn as a shoulder chain and vest. I bought one and it is officially the coolest thing I own. Jocelyn has fabulous style herself and is quite the charmer, easily convincing me to try on this necklace I couldn’t afford. It looked amazing, duh, but there was no way I was spending $68 (it’s $118 online, so go in person). I sighed wistfully, thanked her, reluctantly handed back the coolest necklace in the world and moved on to the next booth. After about 30 seconds I turned around, ran back to Jocelyn’s booth and put that fabulous necklace on a credit card. Worth every penny, all 6800 of them. All of Jocelyn’s pieces are handmade in Oakland and I can safely say I want to own every single thing she makes ever.


skincare by feleciai

2. Skincare by Feleciai

I used to work at a soap store and I still have pounds of soap sitting in my closet (I know, my life is rough). So I never let myself buy more soap, but then the energetic Feleciai walked right up to me and offered a generous soap sample. It’s Lemon Poppyseed, it smells amazing and like all her products, it was handmade in Oakland. Feleciai also makes body scrubs, lip balms and other bath & body goodies. She’s personable and hilarious; we spent about five minutes cracking each other up and bonding over working in skincare retail. I guarantee you and she will find something to bond over too, she just seems like one of those awesome people you could talk to about anything for hours. You should meet her and try her lovely products, too! We are a big fans of Feleciai and she is really supportive of WYV, our girl Laura wrote up about more of her lovely products right here! And this coming month you will get the opportunity to win a basket of her goodies stay tuned WYV readers!


Blank Shoppe

3. Blank Shoppe

As seemed to be the theme of this fair, Julian was kind, warm and talkative. He runs this shop out of San Francisco, online and at craft fairs, obviously. Beautiful earrings, clothes, knick-knacks, it was basically an eclectic collection of awesome. I had to get this piece of driftwood with this poem on it because sometimes I’m sappy, and Oakland infected me with The Happy Virus and excuse me, there’s something’s coming out of my eye.

50 Post St. #9 San Francisco, blankshoppe.com


4. Allymoon Jacinta Sue draws whimsical, adorable illustrations and puts them on buttons, mirrors and greeting cards. I can always use a compact, and there was no way I was walking away without one of Jacinta’s. My adorable new birds-in-a-tree compact came with a handy little black velvet pouch and she gave me the elephant magnet for free, because she is sweet and warm and amazing. According to her website, “Allymoon is inspired by a dream of a girl who was told she couldn’t draw but believed that she could, and she would!” Awww. Her whimsy and determination come across in person and I can’t wait to collect more of her beautiful illustrations.