Last week I spent the morning at the Vintage Tarot Woman Boutique.

The store is such a hidden treasure– in addition to great condition vintage you can also get a TAROT READING!

I asked owner, Janina Angel Bath, some questions

Why both Tarot and Vintage?

“As far as the Tarot, I had been reading professionally since 2007 and needed a space for readings as well.  Since the store front is so small, about 100 square feet, I felt it would be a great spot for both, and operated the space ‘by appointment and by chance’.  I see The Tarot Woman Vintage Boutique as a mystery spot of sorts, a mystical place that you arrive at in divine timing.”

How would you describe your curatorial style/eye?
”I think the first thing for me as far as clothing/curating vintage is textiles.  Is the fabric itself quality?  How would it feel against the skin, to wear?  Where does the fabric come from?  There are certain fabrics that can take you to a daydream-like state, such as the colorful beauty of a Guatemalan textile or the intoxicating scent of Indian cotton.  The fun thing about vintage is every piece has a story, a road it has been down to arrive at the boutique, and it will continue on after.  My goal with vintage is to preserve its original state as much as possible.  I find upcycling vintage to be a crime.”
Check out Vintage Tarot Woman Boutique on MLK and I will be back later this spring with the scoop on her new store!