Woah, people, woah, Woah, WOAH!


There’s a super crazy sidewalk sale going on at Mercy this weekend! They saved some of the best merch for today, so head over for amazing $5, $10, $15 deals!


Good lawd! Get your ass down there!


Faux Croc Belt $18, Other Faux Croc Belt $16, What Does The Fox Say? Belt $14, Blue and White Weathered Leather Belt $22


It’s all come down to this; you, here—bare, gaping belt holes circling your waist like lost satellites. You always knew you were meant for more than this. It’s time for you to cinch it up, lock it down, hold it together, people: BELTS! We all need ‘em sometimes. Sometimes, we don’t need ‘em, but they make life a little better. Sometimes they make pants better. Or a skirt, if you’re fancy! For God’s sake, this blue and white weathered leather belt will make you a better person! Or what about this skinny little fur number? What does the fox say, indeed?! A little reptile print never hurt nobody! Let these belts hold your waist like it’s never been held before. KkeeeKhkeeekhKeeee!

Heart-Print Circle Miniskirt $24


Here’s the cutest little circle-cut miniskirt EVER!!! I have a deep-seated hatred for hearts, but these are just too cute! They’re like confetti thrown by an innocent five year old who’s never heard of cheating or betrayal or gambling or heroin! Let your inner five-year-old play. Yay!

Tooled Leather Purses $28 each


It’s that time of year—you can become a hippy again. Grass is the new black, so stretch out your naked toes and go barefoot. Let your locks wave freely, throw your liberated boobs over your shoulder like a continental soldier, slip your wallet into one of these adorable leather purses, and take to the town like you just rolled into the East Bay in a split VW bus with some people you barely knew five days ago.

Black Lace Shorty Shorts $18


Got some super hot roller derby bruises to show off? Have a neighbor who simply must see you bending over your newly sprouting petunias? Then you simply must have these flirty lace shorts, you demure, little thing, you! Pair with a blazer to show off your big brain, or wear it with a halter top to show off your big boobs. You can’t go wrong with lace hot pants! In fact, you can’t go wrong with hot pants, period.