4 items, 1 outfit – Oak Common, Oakland – Fashion Friday

As I was strolling down  Oakland’s Grand Avenue on an offensively gorgeous day, I passed by Oak Common and was attracted to its sleek hardwood floors, reasonably sized collection of clothes (curated but not overly so) and overall air of hipster chic that somehow didn’t make you feel less-cool-than-thou.

(Plus, I had a recollection of a reliable source [ok, Yelp] telling me to expect two tiny dogs to be in attendance at the store. However, on this occasion, they were wearied of dealing with their demanding public, and were on brief home rest. But next time you stop in, they’ll probably be there! Because MY bread usually lands butter-side down but YOU are my lucky shining star!)

Interior of Oak Common

Normally, I’m not the kind of broad who likes hot pink. For better or for worse, I’ve internalized the societal stereotypes of blonde ladies wearing hot pink, and my rebellious teen self accordingly internalized a hatred of colors associated with Barbies. I’m sorry, goddesses of Feminism! I’m trying to overcome my close-mindedness, though, and this dress comes pretty close to getting me there. It’s fierce, yet professional.

I could see this at ease in an overpriced bottomless mimosa brunch hotspot, at a sunny Lake Merritt picnic, or in the boardroom (do modern businesses even have boardrooms anymore?)

pink dress

dress bodice

I like the idea of toughening up this pretty pink dress with a rad leather jacket. (Don’t call the Vegan Police yet! It’s FAUX-leather, I promise!)

It’s smooth as butter (Earth Balance vegan butter, of course) and damn affordable for what it is, a sweet leather jacket for $70.

leather coat

coat collar

These locally made earrings, created by the one-woman jewelry producer known as Tangleweeds would look swell dangling next to those leather lapels, wouldn’t they?

Tangleweeds – retails at $70, and the matching necklace goes for $60.



Not to taunt our East Coast friends, but with this warm weather lately, there isn’t much need for anything else to complete this outfit! (I’ll trust you to add undergarments as you see fit.) If the fog rolls in, though, it might be nice to have these stockings on hand.

They’re thigh highs (for a bit of sassy school girl flair) and made of soft, stretchy polyester. ($18)


And now you are all dressed, my hypothetical friend! Look at you now. You’re Barbie, you’re a biker babe, you’re a businesswoman. You look great. Now go out there and get it, girl! (Get it all at Oak Common, that is.)