Navy Blue Vintage Felt Hat $18


I will know I’ve truly made it when I have a few “character cars”. Some stars spoil themselves with the latest models of Escalades, Maybachs, or Lamborghinis, but not my future self (though, I will take a 1939 Maybach, please). I daydream of a day where I can match one of my classic cars to my outfit, or even use one as the original inspiration for my look of the day. Well, you have made it, girl, so bust that Packard out of your garage for a lovely Sunday afternoon drive through the streets of Oakland and into the hills. But first, head over to Mercy to score this matching navy vintage felt hat.


1940s Deadstock Baby Blue Silk Nightgown $48


I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel sexier than floating around my apartment in a slip, nag champa burning, female vocalist on blast, pretending I’m Eryka Badu after a lavender-scented bath. Nightgowns, on the other hand, conjure the 80s floral print ruffled flannel nightie that strangles the sexy out my disappointingly frigid legs throughout the night. This is why I’m preferring to think of this as a gown of the evening. This 1940s deadstock silk gown of the evening has some serious innocent/not so innocent charm that would follow boozy bath time perfectly.


Barney’s Co-op Strappy Sandals $68, Multi-Colored Strappy Sandals $24, Green Leather Ankle Wrap Sandals $32


It’s pedicure season, ladies, and here are few pairs of shoes to help you celebrate! These Barney’s Co-op tan leather strappy stacked heel sandals will boost you up with the big girls and give your outfit a definite Three’s Company vibe. The multi-colored strappy sandals and the green leather ankle wrap sandals show a versatility that could work with current fashion trends as well as vintage 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 70s looks. So, after your trip to Mercy, head over to one of the at least seven nail salons on Piedmont Ave. to get your paws did.


Sheer Erica Tanov Top $38


This sheer Erica Tanov top is the perfect mix of sexy and demure. Pair it with a long skirt for romance, dressy jeans for casual Friday, or perfectly tattered jeans that show off your ass and keep them guessing.


Early Vintage Crochet Shawl $88


Make your sepia toned dreams come true! This incredible crocheted shawl could suit a variety of vintage eras. In fact, it could be paired with any of the aforementioned items. Antique any scene of your life with this elegant piece as an entry point for your outfit, or drape it over a piece of furniture to shabby up your chic. This shawl could give your future self permission to purchase six, seven classic cars, easy, and you’ve got enough character to pull all those looks off, and then some.