Pretty Penny, shoes….

I’ve been going to Pretty Penny in Rockridge since I was a wee college student who barely knew how to use Bart, and from the first time I stepped in there, it was L<3VE. If you’re an 80s afficianado, they have you covered, but as a lover of 60s/70s styles, I can always find some pretty tasty items too! I usually dive right into the clothes racks, but this time, I headed upstairs first to check out their shoe collection.
leather buckled boots vintage

Size 6.5, $38

The Ankle Hugger
Like a more stylish version of Giger’s alien, this boot is hugging your ankle like it’s about to leave for a year studying abroad in Barcelona and will miss it very much. Yeah, I know it’s officially springtime but this IS the Bay Area, you know. We’re gonna hit April and the weather will get sad and mopey again, and then you’ll be glad you have these booties to warm your footsies!
leather calf-high flat boots

Size 5.5, $38

The Blue Angels

Blue Oyster Cult. Blue’s Clues. The Blue Man Group. What do they all have in common? They’re all awesome. So are these boots! They’re comfy, they’re versatile, they’re attention-grabbing. Oh, and they’re blue.

yellow platform 60s 70s hippie

Size 8, $48

The Sally Draper

Sally will for sure be wearing these at some point next season. And although I’m pretty sure these so-bad-they’re-good platforms are the 90’s idea of what the 60’s looked like, I love them anyway.

platform shoes green 70s ankle strap

Size 6, $38

Wicker (Wo)Man

You might think that my punny shoe nicknames are getting worse, and you might be entirely right. But while you are allowed to besmirch MY name, don’t sully that of Wicker Man! It was funny when it came out in 2006, and it’s only getting better with age. You can say the same for these sandals- they’re vintage but still utterly cute and wearable. Wear these to a picnic with a matching wicker basket and a white cotton sundress.

So, scope out some sandals for April’s sunny days, and some boots for April’s showers. Now you’re pretty much covered for your typical Bay Area springtime! (And for more of a glimpse into the clothes Pretty Penny has to offer, check out my fellow WYV fashionista’s take on their spring trends!)