Ta-ta’s, cha cha’s, chi- chi’s,  knockers, the Pointer Sisters, boobs, jugs, the twins, the girls, melons, flotation devices. Whatever you may call them and whatever size they may be, we women all have them!

In particular today, we’ll talk about the big ones. I am talking DD and above. I myself was blessed with HH’s and let me tell you it is difficult to figure out which styles best suit us. I know the “fashion experts” say “V” neck, scoop neck and the like look the best on our large friends, but damnit I want to wear this boat neck dress, this baby doll tunic and most definitely that dolman sleeved heather gray sweater with studded leather sleeves ( which they tell us to stay away from). So guess what? I’m all about making it work.

First order of business and most importantly for us abundantly gifted gals.

*The Bra…

– Are you familiar with the “four boober”? (yes you are). STOP it. Don’t be ashamed to go up a size in cup or band. You’ll be amazed at how it will improve your posture, give a waist (uh huh…) making you look slim and giving you a long line for the eye to follow. Also the back of your bra should not be riding up ON or ABOVE your shoulder blades. It is not a gun holster. When you put on that that new properly fitting bra, you will feel literally as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

-Maybe that extra bit of cleavage isn’t need today? What may look sexy and demure on a smaller bust size, may look overdone, cheap or tacky on larger boobs.  Throw on a tank top underneath? Cover them a bit and also smooth out the rest of your top half for that long smooth line.

With that being said don’t be ashamed of what life has given you. I love my girls! All of these magazines that tell me how to hide them or cover them up? Nonsense! Be proud. Hold your head and your rack high. Just be prepared to start saying “Umm, hello? My eyes are up here.” 😉