6949222932_b88a9f65bb_zImage Credit Beth Olson via Creative Commons

Combing that clearance rack for a bargain blouse? Discount dress? Half price peacoat!? Well all apologies my frugal friendlys, this clam-baked congregation costs you nada. Here’s a few tips stitched like sew:


Preparations & Expectations

1.       Clean the garbs you bring to barter (ix-nay on the pit stains)

2.       Wear comfortable, loose linens as you’ll be oscillating outfits quite often.

3.       Don’t bogart the best gear – really tho that’s a bad look from the jump.

4.       Share. Flowers with your honorable host; and for fellow philanthropists, plenty’o snack & spiked soda poppers (that there’s a reference to booze. Acids a tad inaprope amigos — tho the latter WOULD make for proper tie-dye effect. Am I right?!) My grandmother taught us to usher offerings every place we visit, whether or not we’re anticipating another invite. Tis a golden rule in our fam and I practice with much passion.

5.      Socialize: Get to know the people you’re swapping with. Circulate local events – you’re primed for a hobnobbers paradise. Maybe you alchemize jewelry / teach yoga / have a trustworthy, down the street dog-sitter to recommend / bake a mean carrot casserole?? Regardless you’re no doubt equipped to trade outside this harbored habitat. Many times these freestyle friendships form that “stylish, savvy sidekick to  shop + swap with” bond. Your neighborliness may even graduate to a chia-fueled craft circle or poetry slam potluck? [Take note my subtle sarcasm]

6.       Enjoy your newly diversified wardrobe. Priceless, unbiased (possibly unsolicited), enthusiastic opinions and impromptu fashion shows will ensue. Thanks again alcohol.

7.       Unclaimed clothes in Oakland are customarily donated to charitable centers such as “Out of the Closet” and “Wardrobe for Opportunity” or consigned for commission at shops like “The Rare Bird” on Piedmont Avenue.

This is a green, earth-conscious activity (effectively keeping all aforementioned merchandise out of landfills + reducing waste involved with producing, packaging & transporting these items). Do yourself a solid & contribute to a clothing swap.