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Lulu's Oakland shoes

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Sunday Sale at Lulu’s in Oakland

I just returned from the Down at Lulu’s $1, $5, $10 SALE !!

Down at Lulu’s is a great little vintage boutique/hair salon. The ladies there are super friendly, the woman who rung me up, was wearing an amazing hot pink dress and a yellow clear visor–a super hot 60’s woman plays bingo kind of look.

I scored at the outside bins. I got these amazing leopard print wedge boots for $5! I can even walk easily in them, which makes them a double score! With the summer weather coming– I also grabbed a $1 dollar 80’s floral jumper. I just need someone to invite me to the Alameda beach to wear it.

Get over there right now! The sale goes until 5 p.m. . Tons of dresses, funky printed button ups and great shoes. I loved the red pumps and the awesome nike sneakers, someone should go buy them.

Head over to 6303 Telegraph, also the have FREE DONUTS when you shop!