Princess Punk-Oakland

Who wants to wear a tiara with their moto boots? You do! Who wants to wear their Mickey Mouse ears with lace and a pair of Tom’s? Duh, I Do! This whimsical line called Princess Punk is just right up my alley for everyday funky and comfortable apparel. Like the perfect French fry. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. There is a little Tomgirl/Badass in all of us. We don’t need to go all Demi Moore and shave our heads, but figuratively speaking ok? Let her light shine!

Oakland Princess Punk Kamilah Richardson Naomi Campbel Mickey Mouse Ears an Red Lips Room 389

Princess Punk herself: Kamilah Richardson hanging out at a neighborhood fav cafe/bar Room 389.

Kamilah Richardson, now 30, grew up in Oakland wondering just why it was that she couldn’t be a princess and make mud pies, chase the boys and play in the dirt.

While attending San Francisco’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she came to notice how much of the curriculum focused on high fashion and couture. That was not her everyday style and she knew there were others out there like her. Two and a half years ago, she decided it was time to bring this project to life. Looking back, she realized that name and phrase Princess Punk had been doodled, drawn and scrawled throughout all of her journals, diaries and notebooks since childhood.   Her destiny had been calling to her all that time. Ever had that feeling?

After completing just a few dozen t-shirts, panties and hoodies, a fiercely loving and loyal friend decided to throw her a Princess Punk showing with a few snacks, a little grown up juice and lots of local love.That day in a small Fruitvale apartment gathering advertised by word of mouth, Kamilah’s Princess Punk made almost one thousand dollars. That just made me want to sing a little Journey “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

One of my favs. This is vintage Naomi Campbell for Vogue Italia. I'm already rockin' this bad girl.

One of my favs. This is vintage Naomi Campbell for Vogue Italia. I’m already rockin’ this bad girl.

I'm a sucker for a red lip...

I’m a sucker for a red lip…

Summer is coming! If I could only wear crop tops...sigh.

Summer is coming! If I could only wear crop tops…sigh.

Carbon Copy Cali Bear in plaid

Carbon Copy Cali Bear in plaid


As a master printer at Graphic Traffic Custom Screen in Emeryville,  Kamilah uses those skills to bring Princess Punk to life with silk screened manipulations of prints that look like fabrics ( lace, plaid, metallic, etc.) on burnout T-shirts, soft crew necks, crop tops, tanks, panties, pullovers and hoodies. For the fellas, her line Carbon Copy has just been released and is selling like hotcakes! In fact, my first encounter with Princess Punk came in the form of one of Carbon Copy’s sweet Cali Bear Plaid hoodies worn by her boyfriend at Radio in Downtown Oakland.

While her line is carried in several stores throughout San Francisco, it has not been picked up by any Oakland boutiques as of yet. Say what now?! Good thing, you can find Princess Punk online and run into Kamilah right here in our beautiful town. Doesn’t hurt that she is also beautiful, witty and drinks Moscow Mules. If you see her on the street, holla at a playa!