If I could roam naked with just my accessories for clothes I would. Yes I am one of them, a closet naked. But I so rarely get the opportunity to roam de-clothed, but lets not get off topic.

Let us for a moment fantasize about the possibility of being butt naked – yes all of us -naked for the sake of our jewels – rings, necklaces, bracelets, bags, scarves (there is so much one can do with a really big scarf)

So today I bring you MAKEUP MONDAY-how are you making it up today? Get yourself to Hatch

HATCH is eco aware friendly – everything is either up-cycled/recycled/sustainable/fair trade-and none of the fashion suffers because of it, all unique, thoughtful collections of stuff-you must go!

Let’s start where I always start:


I have a problem that I shall now share with you in graphic detail.

I go into this shop every couple of weeks to stroke said bag, feel it, touch it, even wear it – it is the IT  bag that the IT people don’t know about and if they did they would be all over IT just like me….

Bag: large-$145 / small – $135

photo 3-8photo 2-7








The cuff manufacturer states clearly that this cuff is so fab it ‘may cause spontaneous conversation’

photo 4-5

– I should know, I actually own one and I often do break into spontaneous conversation with myself?!

$58 by Joolzhayworth


photo 1-6






Bright lips, cool subtle scarf, neutral back drop of muted winter colors and a stunning cuff; this is an easy ensemble to throw together, oh but you do need the cuff…AND the bag…really!

Now back to you, seeing as you are reading this and shopping with your eyes, then you need to go in and buy one of these bags and then maybe when it is not there anymore, I may be able to move on..

Talking about moving on….how about this?

A bit of leather?….nope! This is a rubber wrist band! Yes real rubber from a tire, (no not that sort of rubber please MIND OUT OF GUTTER) – $24photo 1-7

Some big statement rings- yes please! These resin rings are made by hand by a Brazilian designer-which makes each ring absolutely unique!

Rings – $48-52/Rubber wrist band-$24

photo 2-8