Telegraph’s Temescal Alley

As you may very well have seen yourself, the

Telegraph Avenue

strip of Temescal, it’s prominent bustling centerpiece, has expanded! Hipsters, foodies and fashionistas can be found walking further out from their landing strip, found stretching from 40th up to about where Bake Sale Betty’s is. Temescal now has an alley. There’s a barbershop, a cafe and several small stores. The one I’d like to highlight is

Marisa Haskell’s

studio and store. The space is decorated in wood paneling and well-placed accents of fur and what look to be animal horns, on which Haskell’s jewelry is displayed. The bare beams are exposed and the store has a sort of middle of the woods, stumbled upon a den of beautiful wonders feel to it.

Marisa Haskell Necklaces

Her jewelry features elements of metal work and leather. The work has elements that take their clues from the jewelry of indigenous groups, and in some pieces metal mimics the look of bone. Haskell’s work is at once delicate and brazen. Her pieces are made to be able to stand alone, as well as do one of my very favorite things jewelry or clothing can do: LAYER! Speaking of clothes, Haskell’s handmade jewelry would work well with Morgan Brown’s designer clothing.

Most of the pieces I looked at were in the $100-$160 range, both necklaces and bracelets. There were some rings and cuffs for $30. I overheard Marisa telling another customer about the material used for a particular one: rose bronze. The material even sounds beautiful!

Another aspect of her jewelry I really love is that it drapes. It looks effortless on. Not in that anorexic model way where everything drapes because it is slung over a pile of bones, but in that I-know-you-want-me-but-you-can’t-have-me way. It drapes in the way that it makes me feel like spending my life on a beach. I guess you could say it is luxurious looking, but sells for a price I can actually afford!

Marisa Haskell cuffs and rings

She also has pieces that make use of turquoise, crystals and brass beads. The clasps on some of the bracelets are made of hammered brass shaped into a fat-middled S that curls into the leather and adds a hint of whimsy.

Fattened S Clip of Whimsy

 As I walk around the shop and run my hand along things, I feel very at ease. The shop is small, but it doesn’t feel like it’s closing in on me. Marisa’s behind the desk, has acknowledged me and let me browse. I don’t like to go into shops and be bombarded. The effect that it is suppose to have, to make me feel pressured or paid attention to, which will then make me buy something, is the opposite of what happens. The pressure and attention of this approach feels intrusive and I will pretty much immediately leave. I appreciated that I could go at my own pace and look at things. I felt comfortable taking it all in and wanted to buy even more so, because the beauty and strength of the jewelry was allowed to breathe, to speak to me for itself.


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accessorizing and decorate yourself with only the best, visit Marisa Haskell’s store at 470 D 49th street, Oakland, CA in Temescal Ally or visit her website for online and other retail locations.