My 2 favorite stores on Lakeshore Avenue this sunny Sunday afternoon!

Adorn yourself – that’s an order!

There was once a little girl who painted her face with her mother’s makeup and played at her vanity. Who put on her mother’s pearls and heels then pranced around the room with the caps of pens on her fingertips pretending she had long pretty polished nails.

There was once a little girl who raided her father’s scarf collection, trailed her fingers along the silks of his suit sleeves and examined the weave of his pinpoint oxford dress shirts; smelled each bottle of cologne littered among the cuff links and rings on his dresser.

This was a little girl who loved all things fashion right from the start. I think her name was Tamara Copes or something like that?

Ever see someone looking gorgeous and then notice they weren’t wearing earrings? “What a shame”, I always think because I just loooove to accessorize. They are the exclamation at the end of your sentence. Right now I am into delectable necklaces that I can wear every day. With delicate pieces I feel free to mix and layer. I am never afraid to mix bronze with silver. Gold with oxidized silver. Brass with pops of pale color. Add texture to your outfit this way and remember interesting pieces are also always great conversation starters.  Spring is almost upon us and with more skin to bare, your canvas is just waiting to be filled.

Necklaces on Lakeshore at Urban Indigo

I happened upon Urban Indigo 3339 Lakeshore Ave. and instantly fell in love. They carry one of a kind pieces by up and coming artists from right here in our beloved city of Oakland and always offer complimentary gift wrapping. 510-419-0451.

These stunning necklaces are by Weekend Store

2014-02-13 13.57.01

“Oakland” 14K gold filled necklace $38; “510” oxidized silver necklace $34 by Weekend Store

2014-02-13 13.58.23

Assorted necklaces $34- $54; vintage watch face bracelet $58 by Weekend Store

Nails on Lakeshore at the Beauty Center

And don’t forget your nails! They do not just function as protection and a sensory enhancer. Polish those babies! Let them shine or shimmer, crackle or color block, go metallic or matte. Experiment. A fun nail color always brightens my outlook on life. I could have just been taken hostage by bank robbers on the lam and I’d think,  “At least my nails look fabulous… “

Check out Beauty Center 3264 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland 510-835-8347.

Their nail polish color selection is amazing! They carry all the new collections by OPI ($9),  including the newest Gwen Stefani and Brazil collections. They also carry Morgan Taylor’s ($8.50) super pigmented line and Zoya ($8.50), a vegan line that does not test its products on animals and is formaldehyde and toluene free. Don’t forget to join their Beauty Rewards program and stack up points for sweet discounts.

Ooh la la! I stood here for a good ten minutes...

Ooh la la! I stood here for at least ten minutes…

Here are my top eight nail colors for Spring!

2014-02-13 15.18.46

L to R: OPI “A Grape Fit”; Morgan Taylor “Lip Service”; OPI “Are We There Yet?”; Zoya “Haley”; OPI “Isao Paulo Over There”; Zoya “Reagan”; Zoya “Wednesday”; Morgan Taylor “Super Ultra Violet”; OPI “Amazon Amazoff.”