Resurrect is a beacon of charm on Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

It’s a street which is itself pretty darned charming already. (Don’t forget to visit the Mountain View cemetery at the end of the road: the baby-goth in me adores to go there on a sunny Sunday for a morbid picnic lunch with killer views.) I love to duck in here when I have a spare moment for their part-vintage, part-boutique selection. It’s cozy, warm, and crammed with good stuff, and anyone whose taste leans toward maximalism (guilty as charged) will love the vibe.

Here’s an outfit I can see myself wearing to a solemn graveyard picnic. I’m a sucker for any and all floral patterns, but this one is so delicate and dignified that I don’t feel at all guilty for loving it instantly.

Field Day Wearables, and comes in multiple sizes at a cool 83 dollars


sun dress   dress bodice
Resurrect has a small but well curated collection of purses and clutches, too: how about this gorgeous floral clutch? clutch

There’s a rad collection of jewelry on display, much of it from local artists. I especially liked these floral-influenced ones

Villa Lilla of Oakland. Flowers on flowers on flowers! $80

Villa Lilla earrings

I see two ways you could go with shoe-cessorizing here. One: a kicky pair of bold red boots. These ones are size 7, and a steal at 39 bucks!
red boots

Or, keep the colors cool and calm, with these darling (yet practical) vintage kicks.

suede shoes IMG_4347

Consider this a big ol’ “PS” to this article: I have to showcase one more killer dress. Your eyes are not smurfing you, that IS a smurfs dress.

Smurfs dress

Size medium, $85 bucks, one of a kind. Don’t miss this one, smurfettes.

(You will find all these wonderful items at Resurrect on Piedmont Avenue Oakland)