Your wardrobe needs a makeover and here i show you HOW to mix those prints and create a whole new look – 3 ideas for mixing prints

You know that fabulous floral blazer you got from your favorite store? Or, the fun pants with the bold pattern that just sit in your closet because you don’t know how to wear them?  Worry no more those bold pieces are perfect for executing on the top trends today. After all Oakland is always a good place to try out something new and experience little judgement – I bring you…


I know how scary those two words can be together. None of us want to walk out of the house looking like a textile sample book blew up on us. With the right combination of patterns there is no doubt you will look and feel completely put together and beautiful.

Here I have paired one of my favorite summer dresses with a collared gingham blouse.  The two tones of blue together allow the different prints to play eloquently together. The tie of the shirt, buttons and, pocket detailing help show off what a playful outfit this is. Throw on your favorite bright lip color (red for me!) and your ready to go.


mixprints2 photo 2


The pants

When I first bought these pants I had no clue how to wear them but, I knew I loved them. After wearing them with an array of different plain colored tops I decided to take a chance. That’s when I realized any linear pattern stripes, plaid, gingham, small or, large and polka dots just work.



photo 1 photo 2


The fabulous floral blazer…

Now back to that fab floral blazer I mentioned.  (Swoon). Taking into consideration what a statement the blazer is on its own I didn’t want anything to take away from it. Pulling from the base color, navy, of the blazer the thin stripes on this t-shirt are just simple enough to accentuate the colors and pattern rather than taking away from them. Add your favorite distressed jeans and pointy- toe neutral flats to complete this casual chic look.


photo 1                          mixprint2

Now go dig through your closet, pull out those bold bright pieces and mix it up!