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interior rare bird

Have you heard of “peacocking?” It usually refers to a technique that dudes at bars use to desperately vie for women’s attention. They do this not by being decent, interesting people, but by dressing extravagantly. I say women should reclaim the word! Sure, peahens (yup, that’s a lady peacock) are usually drab and modestly hued. But humans aren’t bound by the laws of biology anymore, and I’m a lady who likes to dress extravagantly! Rare Bird, on friendly Piedmont Ave, is happy to help out with thrifty clothes and a treasure trove of colorful accessories to make you the fanciest peahen of all.

Although right now they have vintage clothes for sale, Erica (one of the owners) told me that they were hoping to continue adding more jewelry from local designers (the store already features well over a dozen Bay Area denizens) while moving away from clothes. And you know what? With jewelry this interesting, even this clothes-horse is ok with that.

erica skone-rees

Erica Skone-Rees

I love a nice matching earring/necklace pair, and when they’re vividly colored like these ones, they could work well as the focus of an entire outfit. Erica is herself a local designer: that’s one of the reasons she opened Rare Bird! Her lines all have a positive, earthy vibe to them. They’re designed to make you feel more connected to the earth, yourself, your breath, and all that good stuff. (Yeah, I go to yoga sometimes. Can you tell? Wait, you can’t? I thought I had buns of steel and an air of smug oneness with the universe already!)


Erica Skone-Rees

This “Ground” necklace would be a good reminder for me on those days when I start imagining that the stone-faced guy on Bart next to me has a bomb in his weirdly-shaped backpack, then drink 4 cups of coffee at work before noon and notice my vision blurring. “Ground yourself, child,” this necklace whispers, both soothing and a little worried about me. I’ll be ok, necklace, but I appreciate your concern.

jeremy burmeister

I absolutely love bones. Let me rephrase that: things INSPIRED by bones. Things that are made from real bones give me a little shiver down my spine: things like piano keys, and jello. But this line by Jeremy Burmeister is gorgeous and a bit macabre, in a way that makes my inner goth gleeful.

kaya sattva rings

Do you want your fingers to feel like tiny royalty? Crown your phalanges with these pewter rings by Kaya Sattva!

impressed by nature earrings

I think I’ve mentioned it (many times) before, but I love nature-inspired fashion. Whether botanical or bone, I want to make my body a temple to this big ol’ blue and green marble we all fail at co-existing on, with grass-printed sundresses, tree-shaped earrings, and these stunning floral pieces from Impressed by Nature! You probably guessed just by looking at them, and yes, you’re right: they are actually made out of real flower petals. Oh, and here’s one rad thing that even black-hearted me finds romantic: you can send Kyla (the designer) your pressed flowers from your wedding day, and she’ll make them into custom jewelry! I’d swoon, but my inner Goth is still revved up about that bone jewelry and is embarrassed by me right now.

Linda La Touche earrings

Now, when you’re ready to tell the world that you’re from Oakland and you’re proud (say it loud!) here are few pieces that literally spell it out. These fun earrings are by Linda La Touche, a talented Oaklander.

oakland necklace

Wearing this Oakland necklace around Oakland is pretty cool, but imagine how your coolness will shoot off the charts if you wear it anywhere outside Oakland! Wear it around Brooklyn and make those posers envious that they aren’t from the “New Brooklyn” like you are.

So stock up on plumage at Rare Bird, fellow pea-hens! And strut your stuff.