photo of author by Megan Van Houten

Jackie O. and oversized sunglasses are practically synonymous, like Bettie Page and her short fringe. She was in her early 30s when she stepped into the national limelight as FLOTUS, and her iconic oversized sunnies have become a fashion staple for women worldwide ever since. Another woman I associate huge sunnies with is my late grandmother because she was never seen without her enormous Guccis or Christian Diors. I’m 85% sure she wore them around the house too – that’s how often she would wear them! I’ve grown very fond of large sunglasses thanks to her as well.

photo of style icon Jackie O. courtesy of Imgur

So when I saw that the writer of “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After 30” (the article that inspired this series) listed oversized sunglasses, I felt like not only I was getting insulted, but my late grandmother too! And Jackie O. for fuck’s sake. I mean, COME. ON.

Sure, the image the article included was of a silly enormous pair you’d find at a gag store and wouldn’t actually wear out and about, but still.

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heaves a sigh in an exasperated manner

screen shot of article via Rant Chic

When my good friend and kindred spirit, Megan, asked me what I was planning on writing my next article on fashion faux pas for women over 30 about, she was absolutely flabbergasted as well when I said oversized sunglasses mainly because …

  1. she is a 40-something woman
  2. she was rocking oversized sunglasses when I told her
  3. she also exclaimed, “Uh, hello. JACKIE O.!”

Megan was feeling too camera shy to have her photo taken in them for this article, but the fact that she owns a pair (and looked like she was channeling Janis Joplin while wearing them) proves that you don’t have to avoid wearing oversized sunglasses once you’ve hit 30. I’m also wearing hers in these photos because she said mine weren’t big enough. Doesn’t she have good taste?

If oversized sunglasses are supposedly frowned upon, then I’m 100% sure sunglasses with lenses shaped like hearts wouldn’t be appropriate for women past 30 too since they’d be considered “juvenile.” That’s not stopping me from finding a pair though because I’ve been hunting for the perfect pair for the last 2 years. Plus the über stylish and popular 30-something fashion blogger Keiko Lynn has been seen wearing them, and other oversized sunglasses, multiple times on her blog and Instagram feed.

I’m still very surprised that someone, namely the writer behind “24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After 30,” would think that any woman past the age of 30 isn’t capable of wearing oversized sunglasses. All the women I know who are past that age own nothing but big ass sunglasses. And you know what? They look fabulous as fuck.

If my grandma could look adorable in oversized sunglasses well into her 70s, you sure as hell can too after 30.