Founder Wear Your Voice

I am originally from London, UK and moved to the Bay Area in 2008. Over the last 6 years I have lived in 5 different locations within the Bay Area. Oakland is the first place that I am having an instant love affair with – it actually feels like home.
Oakland could easily be one of those spaces you either love or don’t love at all. Having a keen eye for fashion trends and a fashion background, it was very obvious to me that there is something quite unique within this space. I plan on showing the world what makes this place one big romantic, innovative, creative, sexy & funky space to be in. The Wear Your Voice writers and I will take you on a visual and vocal journey, through our eyes, through its streets. Together, we will uncover the stories of the people, the fashion, the drive, the community of our city, our home, Oakland.

Favorite Oakland spot- Temescal Alley – with its Boho vibe and cool hipster smell –vintage clothing, handcrafted jewels, all it’s really missing right now is a Bar! A hip flask can fix that situation in an instant, though. Oh and lets not forget my other hot spot – my home – where the magic started and continues to happen 😉

If you were a tattoo what would you be and where?
I am a tattoo ‘virgin’ – I have plans, but I’m also a really big baby when it comes to pain – I love numbers – my tattoo would be numbers 1 and 8 – these are my lucky numbers and they would be on my inner wrist.