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Oakland based singer, songwriter, educator, personal and professional coach and the epitome of grace, Candice Antique Davis of Antique Edutainment took some classic photos, and brought them back in this modern twist.  Travel back in time  with these 12 stunning photos.


Beverly Johnson 1970s Hodari Davis Photo Credit
As Beverly Johnson. Photo Credit:  Hodari Davis

Kim Turner Photo Credit (1)
As Jayne Mansfield Photo Credit: Kim Turner

Kumi Rauf Photo Credit
As Audrey Hepburn. Photo credit: Kumi Rauf

Bethanie Hines Photo Credit
As a co-ed student at Howard University Photo Credit: Bethanie Hines

Hodari Davis Photo Credit (2)
Photo Credit: Hodari Davis

Kim Turner Photo Credit (2)
Photo Credit: Kim Turner

Hodari Davis Photo Credit (1)
As Hazel Scott Photo credit: Hodari Davis

Hodari Davis Photo Credit (4)
As Jean Patchett on June 1950 Vogue cover. Photo Credit: Hodari Davis

Hodari Davis Photo Credit (3)
As model circa July 1951 (Vogue Cover) Photo Credit: Hodari Davis

Odell Hussey Photo Credit
As Éva Gauthier Photo Credit: Odell Hussey

1800s Bethanie Hines Photo Credit
Photo Credit: Bethanie Hines

Hodari Davis Photo Credit (5)
As Dorothy Dandridge Photo Credit: 
Hodari Davis 

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