If you’re anything like me: the first day of school was terrible.

The anxiety.  The lack of sleep the night before.  Wanting to look nice on the first day – but not too nice – because you don’t want to be accused of trying too hard.  Or so out-ot-date the other kids make fun of you.  I remember one particular first day of middle school – my mom got the wrong bus schedule – so I waited around a really long time for the bus.  Finally I thought I saw a friend from school walking towards me, but low-and-behold it was her younger sister!  I missed my whole first period of school and was utterly mortified.

Later in life – you have many other firsts.  But nothing feels so similar as the first day at a new job.  I started a new job on Monday.  A bonafide, grown-up, dolly-parton-style, 9-to-Fiver.  At a fashion company no less.

So my perimeters were that I wanted to be comfortable, look nice (the slovenlyness will come next week when I decide bed is more important than showering), but not look like I’m trying to hard.



Nothing says comfort like a pair of jeans that fit you REALLY well.  And my high-waist, Madewell skinny jeans fit me the best.  They are that perfect ratio of tight enough to make my butt look good, not so tight that I can’t eat anything that day, and not so loose that they gap in the back when I sit down (ahh, the plight of the well-hipped woman).  And they’re black.  And as everyone knows, black denim is like the champagne of denim.  Just a teensy bit classier.


I don’t often buy myself NEW new clothing, but today was a little bit special.  I decided to go with something fashion forward & unique: a maroon woven linen mullet shirt (shorter in front, longer in back) that is interesting because the hem of the front wraps around making a twist in the front of the fabric (see visual).  It reminds me of something that would be in a Japanese pattern-making book I have ^_^


I think this comes down to my black, beat-up, 90s style, lace-up, thrift-store shoes.  These shoes are rad.  They sell versions of them at pretty much any popular store you go to but these are vintage & the real deal.  So real in fact that the sole has fallen off not once, but thrice.  I have shoe-glued the hell out of them.  They are also the perfect amount of scuffed-up.  Trying-too-hard = clean & pristine.  We need a little bit of grit here ladies & gentlemen.

So without further adieu, my first day of work:


Love you, mean it

Megan Lynn

P.S. EXCITING NEWS:  Come visit me THIS SATURDAY Dec. 6th at the East Bay Book & Zine Festival – I will be tabling and selling my art & other goodies.  Hope to see you there!  Did I mention it’s FREE???


profile picMegan Lynn Kott – She was from Oakland by way of the Midwest.  Megan holds a BFA of Art & Social Change in one hand & a cat in the other.  She is a animal-loving, coffee-swilling, water-coloring, appreciator of grit.  When she isn’t designing children’s clothing graphics she is drawing creatures.  Her project “Costume for the Day” (inspired by the documentary “Grey Gardens”) is an effort to create a watercolor diary of what she wears (almost) everyday.  She hopes to capture every hole, stain & worn-out sole, instead of the requisite “selfie” in most fashion blogs.  Her other recurring projects include “Oakland Drink & Draw” and her Tumblr: “Drawing Megan Lynn.”