You don’t pick out the night before what you are going to wear the next day.  Sometimes life gets busy.  Your brain gets tired.  The last thought on your mind is what you want to wear tomorrow, that last ounce of creativity can not be squoozen out of your mind-sponge.  I go to bed thinking – oh, I’ll just wake up early and decide tomorrow.  LOL!  Yeahhhh right.  Like THAT is going to happen.

That, my friends, has what has been happening to me this past week.

So I’m trying to push through.  Forcing myself to pick it out the night before, because let’s be honest with ourselves, we are not waking up early.  And make it easy on yourself: Pick a color, theme, or one single item you love to build your outfit around.  It will help get the creative juices flowing <3

Costume For The Day:

– Crazy thrifted dress with a pattern that consists of a parasol, a floppy hat, sunglasses and high-heels (LADY stuff)

– Moccasins
– Rust colored short-sleeved cardigan (gawd, I love this thing)
– Wooden dye-cut earrings I got from a shop on Piedmont Ave.


Love you, mean it



profile picMegan Lynn Kott – She was from Oakland by way of the Midwest.  Megan holds a BFA of Art & Social Change in one hand & a cat in the other.  She is a animal-loving, coffee-swilling, water-coloring, appreciator of grit.  When she isn’t designing children’s clothing graphics she is drawing creatures.  Her project “Costume for the Day” (inspired by the documentary “Grey Gardens”) is an effort to create a watercolor diary of what she wears (almost) everyday.  She hopes to capture every hole, stain & worn-out sole, instead of the requisite self-portraits in most fashion blogs.  Her other recurring projects include “Oakland Drink & Draw” and her Tumblr: “Drawing Megan Lynn.”