This past weekend a few girlfriends & I made our maiden voyage to Joshua Tree, CA.  We made the mistake of driving the whole way, with only the intent of spending the weekend there – but besides that minor hiccup – it was magical.  Mostly because I was in the company of some amazing ladies.

Things we did in Joshua Tree include, but are not limited to: hiking the Lost Horse Mine trail, making delicious food in our rental, visiting the Cactus Garden, being in awe of Pinto Basin, getting a raw behind due to hiking while wearing scratchy pants & a thong, seeing so many stars, drinking wine, window shopping thrift-stores that were closed (sad face), got angry at kids who tagged rocks, walked around town, laughed a lot, and told tons of stories.  It was a pretty great weekend and I plan on going again – especially since it’s now a life-goal to get a sound bath!

Costume For The Day:


Here is what I wore on our hike:

– Levis Black Skinny Jeans that turned my butt into raw-hide (Note: do NOT buy jeans at outlets – no matter how cheap)

– Carmine colored tank-top (you gotta layer in the desert)

– Vintage frisbee championship t-shirt that was my dad’s – this shirt contains many (many) holes (Note: the championship was sponsored by Stroh’s)

– Red & blue flannel button-up from Urban Outfitters

– Black & green Vegan Asics that were exclusive to Shoebiz a few years ago

– A straw hat we bought at a gas station/liquor store en route to Joshua Tree

– Sun-block because I am the palest ghost

– Ring necklace by Erica Weiner

– Rattlesnake bone necklace my sister got for me for my birthday (Note: I’ve been wearing this ALL of the time – and I’m not just saying that because she’s reading this – I actually really DO wear it all of the time – Hi Sis!)


Love you, mean it

Megan Lynn


profile picMegan Lynn Kott – She was from Oakland by way of the Midwest.  Megan holds a BFA of Art & Social Change in one hand & a cat in the other.  She is a animal-loving, coffee-swilling, water-coloring, appreciator of grit.  When she isn’t designing children’s clothing graphics she is drawing creatures.  Her project “Costume for the Day” (inspired by the documentary “Grey Gardens”) is an effort to create a watercolor diary of what she wears (almost) everyday.  She hopes to capture every hole, stain & worn-out sole, instead of the requisite self-portraits in most fashion blogs.  Her other recurring projects include “Oakland Drink & Draw” and her Tumblr: “Drawing Megan Lynn.”