Let me give you a rough timeline of my relationship with makeup:

3-5 years old— Wreaking havoc on my mom’s makeup bag with horrible pairings such as blue eyeshadow and red lipstick.

11 years old— Experimenting with mom’s black eyeliner that she left in the bathroom. Almost always ended up with a line in the middle of my lid.

12 years old— Mom lets me buy CLEAR mascara. Basically a brow gel, but I happily slathered it on my eyelashes everyday anyway.

Between 12 and 14— My step-mom would take me to the wonderland known as Sephora and I was like a kid in a candy shop, and truthfully, I was still a kid and this was my choice of candy. She would get me little Benefit palettes here and there that were bright and almost cartoonish, and I still felt I was playing dress-up in Mom’s makeup bag. I get it, you’re not going to buy a 12 year old a Naked Smoky Palette because where/why the hell would they be wearing that?! I pretty much only used one color in each of those palettes anyway because I had no idea what I was doing but I was confident in the guidance of the matriarchs in my life.


Mom didn’t actually let me start wearing makeup for real and out in public until I was a freshman in high school at around 14 or 15. Luckily, I had already had some experience in what the do’s and don’ts to makeup were because I was supplied with books on how to do your makeup the “right way” before I was wearing it and I had dabbled in my fair share of it before it was legalized in my life by the law of Mom. I didn’t have to go through some of the embarrassing makeup mishaps a lot of girls my age went through.

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21 years old— I have built a pretty solid beauty arsenal. I have had my ups and downs with it and have had my fair share of breakups with certain products. But I’ve also found products I love! My makeup kit however, is not for everyone. It is equipped with some pretty out there makeup supplies that can be intimidating to anyone not experienced with makeup or having the skill to use it. And believe me, it was a long time of practice and learning that allowed me to have built this kit.

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With that being said, I was once that kid in a candy shop in Sephora, Ulta, Target, etc. I know how overwhelming it can be to walk in and it’s like, “where do I start?!” I’ve compiled a list of products that make up a pretty good first makeup kit (not including skincare because that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms) for anyone just getting started. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Scroll the the gallery below to see my must haves for my makeup kit! 

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