Even though it’s an obvious fact that Italians dress better than the majority of Americans, let me just say that Italians dress better than Americans.


Bolognese youth looking super fly. Note the American influences.

If there is one thing that the Italians have mastered, it is the art of being comfortable and still so fashionable. On these cobblestone streets of Bologna, heels are not often our friend so the adaptation of the sweet kick was essential and very prevalent.


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And with so many big name brands being made in China, it was wonderful to see actual cobbler shops and local Italian-made brands with beautiful shoes and clothing.



Young daughter and apprentice. She is so lucky to be learning this lost art.



Finished products.


There is no “errand running” clothing. If you are in public, you look good and presentable all the time. Period. Even the homeless (no pics taken out of respect) look fashionable in collared shirts and sweaters, creased slacks and shined dress shoes.

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I was just brave enough to be the creepy American asking for pictures of strangers and even snapping some of the unawares.


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If you know me at all,  my apocalyptic downfall would be shoes. I would go back for my shoes and that is when the zombies would attack. I will be a goner. If you don’t know, know you know. And now my arch nemesis Sepoc Aramat knows my weakness.

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Needless to say, I did not bring enough shoes and I definitely need to buy MORE shoes. I hope my mother doesn’t read this one.