knimble exterior

Knimble Oakland

Here’s my first piece of advice about Knimble, on Grand Avenue, Oakland: do not neglect the second floor! The first floor is cute enough, with knick-knacks, jewelry, and lotions galore, but for the focused fashionista, I say, “Go upwards, young woman!” That’s where the store blossoms, into rows on rows of clothes, hats, and shoes.

But that delectable second floor isn’t what I’m talking about today! Nope, today I’m doing my best to stay small, and focus on the attention-pulling accessories, cosmetics, even the amazing scents- that give an outfit sass.



If you know me at all (and most of you dear readers probably do not) you’ll know that I hate butterflies. In the same way some are afraid of spiders (you got me there as well) I’m afraid of butterflies. I’ve done my best to piece it together and I think it stemmed from a traumatic experience in the Butterfly Zone at Marine World as a child. HOWEVER, I would overcome my loathing of their unpredictable flutterings and ghastly wings to wear these charming earrings. Instead of shelling out for exposure therapy, I would happily pay $24.99 for these instead.




You have no idea what kind of awful shit goes into making most mass-produced cosmetics. Wool grease, smooshed beetles, beaver-butt secretions: you name it, it’s on your face! This company, Fat and the Moon, is totally bull-semen-free. Cute packaging, too. $15.99 for the lip balm and eye kohl.



I am really earning Mother Earth bonus points today, because this “Wearable Candle” is ultra-natural AND vegan! It also smells incredible (my favorite is the Vanilla Jasmine blend.) I was surreptitiously smelling my hand for hours after I left the store. You can use it as a candle, as body lotion, or massage oil (I’ll take All of the Above, please.)



Steampunk is NOT dead, as long as we keep it alive in our hearts! You will probably love these earrings if you attend Burning Man on the reg, but even if you don’t, you should feel free to wear these. Their coolness transcends the boundaries of La Playa.



And finally, if you have the ovaries (and sense of balance) to wear these in public, I salute you! Size 6.5, $36 dollars, and calling your name. Kinderwhore aficionados and Lolita enthusiasts get first dibs!