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It took me a little while to be won over by it, but I can finally get with the trend: purple is the shit. Now that I am in my thirties, I am cautious about which trends I embrace. I encourage others to throw caution to the wind and do whatever their hearts desire, but for some bizarre reason I cannot take my own advice. Purple lipstick scared me.

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Then I remembered, “Oh yeah… I don’t subscribe to that kind of crap!” and told the anxious little voice in the back of my head to go kick rocks. Little Edie and Big Edie are two of my favorite fashion icons, Betsey Johnson and Vivienne Westwood are still doing their thing and adored for it, I live in a much more interesting generation that accepts a lot of experimentation regardless of age, and I live in East Bay. I can do whatever the hell I please, and so should you!


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Some people are intimidated by a red lip; for me, it is a strong, deep purple pout. There are few things that scream BOSS DIVA like a strong, purple lip color. Like black lipstick, it can be channeled as goth. It can also be modern and high fashion, or if worn differently, a retro throwback.

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Purple lipstick first started popping up in 2015 as a Spring pastel, which has remained wearable through this summer with a bit of ingenuity and gloss. As Fall enters the picture, we’re going to be seeing the purple trend get darker and either matte or a patent leather-like gloss. Orchid was Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year and then they shifted to the wine-colored Marsala in 2015, but still stayed within the realm of purple. It’s safe to say that purple is here for a bit thanks to the 90s revival, so it’s a safe bet to invest in a few different shades of purple. If buying several designer lipsticks is not in your budget, there are many frugal options that often end up being the best fit. Wet ‘n’ Wild, Milani, Iman, ColourPop, KleanColor, Revlon, and Rimmel all offer excellent budget-friendly options. I am absolutely shocked and pleased to say that the $1.99 Wet ‘n’ Wild lipstick is one of the most interesting deep, gothic grapes that I have seen.


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For those that want to go above the $10 mark but keep it under $25, there are excellent options. MAC has a gazillion purples, the most common of which seem to be Sin, Cyber, Rebel, Instigator and Heroine. For lipstick that will absolutely not budge in any way, OCC’s Lip Tar is a cult fave. It’s a liquid, so you must put it on with a brush, but it is worth the hassle. Too Faced Cosmetic’s “Melted Villain” is also an excellent choice for an unusual muted grape which also needs the assistance of a lip brush. Stila offers a vivid violet stain, Como, in a long last lipstick formula – I cannot rave enough about the Stay All Day lipsticks!

As for those whose budget affords them the ability to go $25+ for lipsticks, I can speak from less personal experience. I have eyed quite a few different products, including Dolce & Gabbana’s “Royal,” which is a beautiful eggplant purple much like the one that Lorde wears. It all comes to Lipstick Queen‘s mint-scented beauty, though. It packs a vivid punch of color with a smooth finish, something I can personally attest to. If a vivid purple pout is your signature and $50 is within your budget, this is the one!


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With a look as bold as purple lipstick, I truly have to get myself psyched up!  In order to do so, I typically blast music as I am getting ready to go out.  In order to help inspire you to rock a purple lip, I have created a Spotify playlist dedicated entirely to the vibe I try to build in order to properly channel that BOSS DIVA vibe that I want to project while wearing deep purple.

Rest assured, there is a purple for you – it just takes an afternoon of experimentation!  I never thought I could find one until  I gave up and stopped looking.  It’s out there, though – just takes diligence and a love of experimentation!