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I recently went to New York for the first time. Yeah, that makes me a gold star Californian. Because I have fashion on the membrane, I made it a point to try to settle this debate once and for all: are New York dames really more fashionable? And, related, do they really wear that much black?

I think you can guess the answer to my first question:maybe, maybe not! I mean, fashion is subjective. Is this a cop-out? Sure. Some observations, however: I saw fewer vintage-inspired looks, fewer floral prints, more heels, fewer rainbow-hued locks, and yes: more black.

So in today’s Outfit of the Day, I take some inspiration from our East Coast sisters. Solidarity in black!

liz vogt grey coat wear your voice

This is just about as casual as I’ll allow the Internet to see me. Also, I was sweating in this outfit today. Were I back in New York right now, I’d likely be weeping tears that would instantly freeze onto my cheeks, but this is autumn in the Bay Area. After biking home from work, I flung that blasted coat away like a discarded rib of kale.

wear your voice liz vogt OOTD

That’s better.

I can’t say that I saw a lot of ***sparkle*** in New York. In fact, I can’t say I see a lot of sparkle in my own wardrobe, now that I’m looking at it. But I think a well-balanced closet needs a few items with pizzazz, and this sparkly mock-turtleneck gets me more compliments in a day than I usually do in a week. What can I say? The subtleties of my daily outfits are oft-overlooked by the fashion-uninterested, but no one can resist something shiny with a rainbow shimmer.

liz vogt wear your voice sparkles

I hope at this point no one doubts my committment to SparkleMotion.

I think I’m going to start exploring all-black looks more often. The more limitations you place on yourself, the more creative you have to get, and I don’t feel like I’ve challenged myself lately when it comes to style. Ideas bouncing around inside my skull: all-black with silver accents, all-black with funky shoes, all-black with crazy lipstick, all-black with a gorgeous royal blue winter coat…stop me before I go all Etsy!

Perhaps the most challenging thing will be finding enough black in my wardrobe to wear, however:


Other notes on this OOTD: my hair is garbage, and I’m sorry you had to witness it. I’m going on 4 days without a shower, so the head is a mess. However, I still smell like a rose.

You’ll have to take my word for it.