Halmoni is cute

Halmoni is cute

People say the Bay Area doesn’t have seasons, but that’s not really true. From endlessly rainy winters to windy summers, our seasons do differ from one another.

Lately, though, it seems like the Bay is turning into LA, and each day is drier and warmer than the next. Without a cloud cover, the nights are cold, the sun is hot (okay, today was kind of cold, but it’s supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend) and layering is more essential than ever.

We stopped into local fave Halmoni Vintage this week to get the lowdown on what Oakland’s buying during this global warming winter.

A verdant display

A verdant display

Owner Natasha Harden is stocking florals in anticipation for spring, and at Kearny Street Workshop’s Celebrate Your Body 2015, she’ll be dressing plus-size models in hand-picked vintage with an emphasis on fun flower prints.

Harden does edit her stock seasonally- spaghetti straps and short shorts are out this time of year – “But if it’s thin [material], but kind of awesome, I’ll leave it in,” she said.

Owner Natasha (and a young customer) pose in spring florals

Owner Natasha (and a young customer) pose in spring florals

Colorful, early 90’s Lisa Turtle sweaters, cardigans and all kinds of dresses are selling well. 90’s looks are still going strong, but the 70’s is set to make a comeback in 2015 – which makes sense, because the 90’s were really inspired by the 70’s in the first place.

“I’ll wear a dress in the middle of winter, but I’ll winterize it,” Harden said. She paired her own cotton vintage floral dress with knee socks and ankle boots.


Day-glo 60's floral dress

Day-glo 60’s floral dress

1. The day-glo 60’s floral cotton dress above is a real knockout- and with it’s long sleeves, you could totally wear it this winter. Add tights and black ankle boots, of course.

60's wool coat

60’s wool coat

2. When the sun goes down, top with this perfect 60’s princess coat.

Early 90's sweater

Early 90’s sweater

3. A graphic early 90’s sweater is one part mod, one part Lisa Turtle, and would look great with sleek black pants or printed tights and a mini skirt.

Lisa Turtle sweater

Lisa Turtle sweater

4. Another glittery knit sweater is 100% Lisa Turtle. She probably had matching leggings.

80's bird print dress

80’s bird print dress

5. This 80’s wool blend dress has long sleeves (I know I’m always mentioning them, but long sleeves- and also pockets- are really important in terms of wearability, right?) and an amazing bird print.

Quilting is in!

Quilting is in!

6. A quilted housecoat, with it’s a-line shape and bright robin’s egg color, is the perfect lightweight layer in this kind of weather.

"The Sunbacker"

“The Sunbacker”

7. And lastly, an 80’s backpack. Because vintage nylon backpacks are awesome, and if you’re going to wear a sporty backpack (this being the Bay Area, probably some of you are), it might as well be cute.

Interested in any of these items? They’re all available online!

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