This picture is not only terrifyingly cute, but it's also highlighting the immense strength of my flyaway game. So many goddamn flyaways. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN I TAKE EVERY PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE TO PREVENT THEM.

This picture with my valentine is not only terrifyingly cute, but it’s also highlighting the immense strength of my flyaway game. So many goddamn flyaways. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN I TAKE EVERY PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE TO PREVENT THEM.

Whether or not I have a valentine, I love Valentine’s Day. Normally, I can be kind of a prickly little pear…not super touchy feely. But, on V-Day I go all out and love on people all day long. It’s also a great opportunity to have a day loving yourself. And ya know what, we don’t do that enough. So put on Bridget Jones’ Diary or marathon watch Friendstake a long and leisurely time getting ready, and try some of these to get your Valentine’s Day beauty look on point.

  1. Paint your nails a vampy red. I feel simultaneously sexy and badass when my nails are painted vampy red and my fingers are littered with rings. One of my favorite vampy reds is Essie’s Wicked. Two coats makes them look almost black.
  2. Try a smokey eye. Why leave bedroom eyes in the bedroom? Today’s the day to bring them out and show them to the world (if the world can handle yo’ sexy self). A super simple brown smokey eye won’t be overwhelming during the day and will be killin’ it by the end of the night.
    Bedroom Eyes Steps 1-4 (clockwise from up left)

    Bedroom Eyes Steps 1-4 (clockwise from up left)

    Step 1: Apply a matte lightish brown to your lid. Step 2: By pressing with your brush, apply a slightly darker shimmery brown to the crease. Step 3: Apply a deep shimmery brown to the outer crease and lashline. Step 4: Apply the matte lightish brown to your lower lashline and top it all off with a second coat of mascara.

  3. Curl your hair, maybe. And pray that it’s not rainy. Or humid. Recently, I’ve been keeping my hair straight and want nothing more than an excuse to get it all wavy/curly and romantic. It’s not like it takes longer than straightening. And it’s all pretty and soft! Here’s how I curl.
    Hopefully by the time you're finished, you'll be normal again.

    Hopefully by the time you’re finished, you’ll be normal again and embarrassed by how weird you are when you’re curling.

    If you curl in these sections, you’ll get the most curls and the most volume. After it’s all curled, I flip my hair over and lightly finger comb to soften the curls.

  4. Go on a light jog. Don’t just skip over this one and think, “Oh, well, I don’t run so…I’m obviously not doing this.” You can run. You can do a super light jog and afterwards, you will feel so energized and ready to take on whatever the worlds throws at you. Runs are the only workout I feel this way after and I did NOT feel this way a couple weeks ago…but now, no matter how hard I push it, no matter my mile time splits, I always feel strong and a bit hyper. My mom would say I’m insanely annoying after a run. I would say I’m insanely hilarious.
  5. Wear lingerie. This doesn’t seem like a beauty thing, but it definitely is. Lots of lingerie isn’t just for the bedroom. They also serve a purpose. Like, keeping your stockings up or whittling down your waist. So, pick out a dress and wear your lingerie under it. You’ll have a sexy little secret all day and maybe someone will find out.
  6. Take an oil bath. Alone or with your valentine! Light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and draw a bath with a few tablespoons of olive oil and some drops sensual rose oil. It will make your skin soft and glowy.