As we here in the Bay know, weather is completely unpredictable this time of year. Going into the colder months can often times be a complete crapshoot, especially when it comes to what to put our sad, cold little bodies into that are also not completely unfortunate looking.

Fear not!

We here at Wear Your Voice have 5 ways to stay sleek, chic and (somewhat) comfy this winter, come what may.

1. Blanket Scarves


These guys are lifesavers. Literally. Like, you could withstand a nuclear blast in one of these and have something to keep you warm for days. The name implies almost exactly what you’d expect. This nifty little trend of oversized scarves, is not only cute as f***, but it’s a two-fer! A chic scarf AND a throw for the couch on those nights in? Yes, please.

2. Cullotes


Uhmm, yeah, you heard me right. Half of you are probably cringing, and the other half literally have no idea what I’m talking about, and don’t worry. I honestly didn’t know what to call these things when I first saw them either, except things like “kinda sexy” and “elegant” and “probably really comofortable”; things that probably shouldn’t go together but totally do. These wide legged blasts from the past are a far cry from the 80s  monstrosities they once were, being updated by pairings of lighter tops, varying lengths and better hair, to be quite frank (sorry 80s). Deeper tones and supple fabrics can take this look from the office, to downtown, to wherever the evening takes you really. Another score for comofortability in fashion! Yayyy!

3. Knee high Boots


These are a winter staple that should honestly just stay forever. They’re functional for the obvious reasons of more coverage, but they’re also insanely cool looking and can really elevate any look all on their own and allow you to not really have to worry about what you’re wearing on the bottom half of your frigid little legs that day. You could pair them with leggings and no one would call you out if you wore a long enough shirt/skirt (depending on the outfit). Less stress on having to pick out clothes in the cold, dark morning sounds so much like a dream, you might almost think you’re still snuggled up in bed instead of on that morning Bart commute… almost.

4. Trench Coat


This one’s kind of obvious, but hear me out. I feel like no matter where I go, I see these frumpy little parkas, and those dumb little puffer jackets (I could probably rage for an entire article about my tordid relationship with those swishy little suckers, but I digress), but will somebody please tell me, why the women of Oakland and the greater Bay area for that matter, have not taken the time in their life to invest in (or even try on it would seem) a well-made, mid-calf length, traditional brown trench coat? They seriously will never, I repeat, NEVER go out of style, will almost always keep you dry (Scotchgard, helloooo) and I mean… have you ever tried on a trench coat??? Take this suggestion from me to you, if you want to please your inner child’s dreams of being a super hero/spy/jewel thief/Inspector Gadget, just do yourself a favor and find yourself a damn trench coat. I, your inner child, and your dry body will thank you later, promise.

5. Bubble umbrella


Now, again, I know what you’re thinking. No brainer. If it’s raining, of course I need an umbrella. OR, on the contrary, you may be thinking, Wow, I don’t want to be that lame person, why would I carry an umbrella. And for both of you theoretical people, I have a compromise. BEHOLD, the bubble umbrella. Now you won’t have to be that loser toting the humdrum black umbrella that passersby are constantly having to deflect. You’re welcome world.