Does exactly look like a photo starting off a beauty article does it?

Doesn’t exactly look like a photo starting off a beauty article does it?

Not all great beauty products are bought at Sephora, people. In fact, you may have a few of these weirdass beauty remedies in your house right now! But, a couple of them might seem like some weeeiiird shit.

1. Baking Soda For Underarm Sweating. Apparently, and my mom and her friend Grace swear by this, if you smack some baking soda on your armpits after putting on deodorant, you won’t sweat as much! After looking it up (I was a little skeptical), it’s totally true and tons of peeps do it, too.

2. Preperation H (and many others) For Zits. The worst part about this weird shit remedy is that you have to go to the store, buy Prep H, and look the cashier in the eye knowing that they think you have hemorrhoids. I couldn’t handle that. I bought it at a self checkout (<– goddamn vital). For deep and painful zits, this is my go to fix. Those don’t go away quickly, but this helps. A lot. I put it on right before bed and, overnight, the redness is reduced significantly.

Other awesome, but somewhat random zit killers:

Tea Tree Essential Oil (especially if you get a kickass brand like DoTerra)

– My darling friend Chelsea uses toothpaste because it takes the redness out.

– A paste of baking soda and water dries up zits better than it takes the stank out of refrigerators. So, like, it does it really well.

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3. Vinegar For Washing Brushes. I’ve tried so many different methods of washing makeup brushes, but the recipe I found on The Daily Quirk is by far my favorite. It is also the least time consuming. Coooincidence? I think not. Combine 1 cup warm water, a tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and a tablespoon of white vinegar in a cup. Put your brushes in there one by one, give ’em a swirl and watch the makeup come of instantly. I rinse them after and lay them out on a paper towel overnight. Now you have no excuse for uses dirty brushes.

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4. Coconut Oil As Shaving Cream. Legit smells likes cookies (and you will too!) and will moisturize slash soften the hell out of your skin. When I use it to shave, I don’t even have to use lotion afterward. But, it’s not super greasy like other oils can be so you won’t ruin your towels. And coconut oil is also great for fading scars, so if your legs are full of ’em like mine are, then this is your jam. YA DAMN JAM.

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5. Green Tea Bags For Under Eye Puffiness. I honestly don’t even remember how I heard about this one. All I know is that one day, after a full day and night of crying, I needed to look presentable because I was in a show. I tried the cold spoons thing. That shit didn’t work.  I tried the Preparation H under the eyes thing. That shit didn’t work either. I was hella desperate. So I steeped two green tea bags in their own cup of ice cold water for ten minutes in the fridge. Then I took them out, lied down and put the tea bags on my eyes for ten minutes. It calmed me down and, when I took them off, I looked good as new! That’s a slight exaggeration. But, I looked a lot less like a baby lizard. Which was great!

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What are your weirdass beauty remedies? Inquiring minds need to know!