Long and luscious lashes are necessary in any great beauty look. This is not up for debate. This is a fact. But, fake lashes are annoying. And hella hard to put on. And are kind of overkill during the day. So…here are some easy ways to up your lash game!

  1. Younique 3D Fiber Lash Kit.

    I got this for Christmas and it’s quite amazing. I mean, look at my before and after.

    Before, with one coat of mascara.

    Before, with one coat of mascara.

    After just one coat of the 3D fibers.

    After just one coat of the 3D fibers. ONE. Also, I will have to know, that taking lash pictures is really difficult. Hence the derp.

    WTF. After only one coat. And super easy to use, which is great. Fake eyelashes are sooo hard to apply but sooo pretty. This kit is basically fake eyelashes in a bottle. Just one application of the 3D fibers makes your lashes significantly longer and more voluminous. Aaand the kit will last you two months! You can get your kit on the Younique website or from my cousin, Stefanie!
    (Wear Your Voice is not receiving royalties for this promotion)

  2. Baby Powder.

    Quick fix. Before applying your second coat of mascara, dust your lashes with baby powder. It will make your lashes look longer and more voluptuous.

  3. Oils.

    Another oil plug, y’all. Sorry ’bout iiiit. This is more of a long term fix that might take a couple weeks to notice the difference. Many women have found that coating their lashes daily with either olive, jojoba, coconut, or castor oil made there natural lashes noticeably longer! Plus, the oils will moisturize them and keep ’em healthy. So…even if your lashes don’t get longer…they’ll be all like, “Hey, thanks for finally moisturizing me, ya bish. You’ve always neglected me and, frankly, I DO NOT appreciate it.”

  4. Vaseline.

    This is a tried and true lash lengthening method that ladies have been doing for years. Apply Vaseline to your lashes before bed with a Q-tip. That’s it! Oh, and you’ll need a little patience. Your lashes don’t magically lengthen and thicken overnight. Calm down.

  5. Lash Accelerating Mascara.

     Some mascara comes with lengthening ingredients in it! And that’s just super. You’re hittin’ two birds with one stone. They’re typically kind of expensive, but Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator is a great budget friendly option!