Everything is bigger in Texas, and so is Maddox Price’s journalism. Maddox Price has been hitting journalism hard with their very friendly and personable interest in wanting to get to know the real scoop.

Since Maddox and I have connected, I have seen Maddox sky rocket up the ladder of LGBT Journalistic success. Maddox started working for JEZEBEL after a stretch of being the Chief Layout Editor · September 2011 to present · Farmers Branch, Texas Brookhaven College. Since then Maddox has gone onto winning the Two-Person Live Photo Essay Contest with Brigitte Zumaya. The award was given to Maddox and Brigitte from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association [TIPA] – a global organization represented by photo and imaging worldwide magazines.


 maddox price

In the past year I have made a few changes in my life. I got top surgery, started testosterone, graduated from community college and landed a freelance job with Gawker media. And last May I was named a “Young and in charge” LGBT leader in the Dallas community – a list compiled of young achievers under the age of thirty for its 30th anniversary issue.

But flashback to a few years ago and I never would have imagined I’d be where I am today. I grew up in an extremely conservative environment. My father  — an evangelical pastor – was also a big political figure in the pro-life game I was sheltered from anything progressive and certainly wasn’t allowed to view anything on the LGBTQ spectrum. I also had extreme social anxiety disorder and was a selective mute – which is funny now because I talk to people for a living.

Shortly after high school I think my father overheard my first girlfriend and I being   “friendly” with each other and that must have been the moment my mother and him realized she wasn’t just a “close friend.” Needless to say I was confronted and forced to leave the house. Now at the time I was an awkward nerdy kid (I still am) with not a lot of friends so I lived in my car for a while. I did get back on my feet but struggled to make ends meet, which left me little time or energy to focus on my passion – writing.

I can’t pinpoint the moment when I realized that I needed to get my ass back in school but I do know I was 25 and not getting any younger. I thought I was too old to start school so late but I quickly realized I loved it. If I could, I would stay in school forever. Journalism allows me the ability to constantly be learning.

A considerable amount of my wardrobe came from thrift stores, which is kind of like a metaphor for bringing tired threads out of the closet and back to life.


I joined my college newspaper and soon become the Editor in Chief. I could only afford to take two classes at a time so finishing a two year degree took me four and a half years. This is also where I picked up photography.

I came out as transgender and gender queer two-years ago on the cover of the Dallas Voice in a personal essay addressed to my parents. The cover read; “Journalist comes out to parents in print.” My mom saw it and cried and did not understand but she’s coming around slowly.

Through vigorous networking and having a journalism professor, Daniel Rodrigue, who has been my biggest supporter, I have had a lot of opportunities. I interned for the Dallas Voice, worked for our alt-weekly, The Dallas Observer, photograph for welistenhear.com, write as an LGBTQ Insider for The Dallas Morning News and now have two published pieces with Jezebel.com.

If I had advice for other people within my community, it would be to know that it is sometimes OK and necessary to be selfish. Worrying takes a lot of energy and time that you can’t get back – don’t waste it being caught up in placating to others.


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