Sexual investigator and author of “Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage” (2008 Lambda Literary Award) ,  Jenny Block is about as sex positive as it gets! If you ever Google Jenny Block, you’ll find numerous youtube posts of her speaking on such fun subjects, like participating in a Bodysex workshop that included a group masturbation session that she wrote about for Huffington Post, and recently had her pussy plastered by UK artist Jamie McCartney, for his project  The Great Wall of Vagina.

Jenny Block’s  Huffington Post podcast appearance  about the almighty clit!

She speaks at conferences and other events about writing, relationships, and whatever else anyone cares to hear about. 

Jenny has a new book coming out later this year O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm  (Cleis Press, available August 11, 2015) and I am sure it will be titillating!! She also writes for CURVE Magazine and is always is pushing the lesbian agenda forward!


Jenny Block


I wear a little bit of everything because I think of myself as being a little bit of everything. Sometimes you’ll find me in Levi’s and Converse with my keys dangling from a leather wrapped carabiner clipped to a belt loop. In the summer, I’m all about cut-offs and tanks. In the winter, there’s no getting me out of oversize sweaters and comfy cords.

I’m a writer. So I spend a lot of time in coffee shops in yoga pants and off the shoulder t-shirts. But I also travel a ton. So that means a lot of wardrobe changes too. If I’m off to the Caribbean, you’ll find me in maxi tank dresses, while a trip to Florida means Lily Pulitzer all the way. And on long-hauls to Macau and Japan and Australia, you can bet there are hoodies and skinny jeans in my pack.

But my natural habit is short, over the top dresses with the wildest shoes I can get my hands on, most Jeffrey Campbell. Sky-high magenta suede platforms covered in spikes, glittery 5” pumps, red “sneakers” a la Lady Gaga. If it makes you ask, “How on earth can you walk in those?” I’m probably wearing them. I’m only 5’ tall. A girl’s got to do something to be seen in a crowd.

I get a lot of, “But you don’t look like a lesbian.” So I struggled for a bit with what to wear. Was I supposed to dress to prove something? Cut my hair? Don some flannel? But it wasn’t long before I realized that the only thing I had to be was me.

I’m a lesbian because of who I love, not because of some stereotype about haircuts and ill-fitting clothing. I’m the girl who loves girls, the girl who writes about sex, and the girl who wears those shoes, and that works just fine for me.


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