Back when I was researching the Queers in Texas, I came across an article on EDGE MEDIA NETWORK about a Dallas Lesbian creating a site, called EXXEMPT that would allow you to rate people. Rate people?!?! I quickly did some more research and found out what this website was all about.

That is when I found Lacey Brutschy on Facebook and asked her to be a part of How Do You Wear Your Voice,  a weekly chronicle of dapper folks from around the world, which Lacey was receptive to participating.

Upon speaking with Lacey, I found out her career is in real estate, and because of this (and probably some other things), the idea of rating people was born. Her ideas were something like – you can rate restaurants, you can rate coffee shops, but what if you could rate people such as real estate agents – and the idea skyrocketed from there.

Now the idea of has morphed and transitioned into something even more grand. Instead of “rating people” which might X out factors – say seven people like you and seven people don’t – you are back to none, you can instead more easily cross paths with people that have likes and similarities with. It’s Not About The Hype. It’s About The Heart. Find Your People. Find Your Place.

EXXEMPT  launches later this year in June, and we wish Lacey the best of luck with her final developments.


I’ve always considered myself an introverted extrovert. I am constantly looking for the quietest way to be the loudest person in the room. I love telling stories and making people laugh. I want my ideas to be heard and my truths to come straight at you.

I wear a suit because it helps me remain the loudest dressed person in the room, for certain. I custom order my clothes to get the best fit, and we always do a crazy liner fabric inside and as many pockets as possible (because what soft butch lesbian carries a purse these days), and my name embroidered inside of the jacket.

I left my blazer on an airplane recently. When I went to get it, the flight attendant asked how she would know it was mine. “My name is inside. I know it’s a little obscene, but so am I.”

The suit matches my personality – it’s loud and over the top sometimes, but it’s always brave. It’s not there to cover up who I am; it’s there to make it apparent. Looking for someone who’s a little silly, but will heavy hit you with some truth telling? Look no further than this lady in the suit and Wall Street glasses.

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