I first met Melissa De Dios through some mutual friends. Melissa’s style and charm drew me in and I have been following her on the FB ever since. I noticed Melissa is always a gentle character with a huge genuine smile, someone who is very charismatic whilst always doing something fun!


I am a nurse by day, drag king by night, and avid doodler as well. I have always been a dreamer, a lover, and a hopeless romantic. I love romance but never saw myselfFullSizeRender-2 being tied down until I met my wife. True story. Never wanted or felt I deserved love until I saw her since we met. Not one day has gone by without my number one supporter, fan, and best friend. She has helped me find myself more and more each day and is such a huge positive influence in my life. Truly I have met my match with her.

Some people are not all about the “cheesiness” that makes us but I don’t care she makes me happy, she makes me see myself as handsomely beautiful as I am. I see that I do not have to pick one, I can be and do whatever I want as long as a good heart is behind it.

Three of the most influential women in my life are my grandmother, my mother and my wife. All three of them are so alike it trips me out, but they in fact are my best qualities. Sounds crazy, but I feel like every emotion is intensified around all of them, so intensified I literally can burst into confetti – in a good way of course. They accept me for me. Bottom line, best feeling in the world.

I have always been a huge tomboy. Although I never really knew how to express myself really up until a few years ago. And realized its okay to not conform to what society wants you to be. I am now 28 and FINALLY getting comfortable in my own skin.


“I am genderqueer lesbian, dapper mens fashion makes me feel both handsome and beautiful.”

FB: @melissa de dios
IG: @mrmelvinurpanz