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Her for Lesbian, Queer, and Bisexual Women and Femmes.

Her for lesbian, queer, and bisexual women and femmes. Photo courtesy of Her.

If you are tired of being hit on by men even though your OkStupid settings are set specifically as “women for women,” you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The new dating app Her is part Grindr, part OkCupid, and all women and femmes. Her is inclusive of transgender women and will not require users to list their gender if they don’t want to.

Most dating apps are designed by men and cater much more to male users. But with Her, you don’t just swipe left or right — it’s specifically built to encourage conversation between users before they decide whether to head out for a face-to-face date.

Her is the natural progression from Dattch, which was solely a dating app and less about community building. Keeping the basics of Dattch, Her has added an event calendar with user-submitted events and a news section as part of the community forum.

“The biggest things we found were that the need for women to meet each other extended way beyond dating — relationships, to meet and talk with other queer women,” says Robyn Exton, creator of Her. “Dating was not necessarily a core problem for Dattch, but anything beyond dating we were unable to address in a platform that was not designed for that first of all.”

The LGBTQIA landscape is ever-shifting as newer generations find themselves looking for love and community by way of the internet and apps. Some see it is dangerous, but millennials often see the “traditional” bar and club scenes as more of a danger to their mental and physical safety. This is even more of an issue for those who defy society’s gender binary.

Her welcomes all women, whether they’re trans, cis or otherwise, as well as women who are merely there to experiment with other women. Because both gender and sexuality are fluid, Her gives users the option not to identify either, if they wish. “There’s no judgment on what your sexuality is and why you’re here,” Exton says of the app.

The UK-based app is available stateside for the iOS platform but Android users will have to wait. Still, hope is not lost. You can download the cis-het-fuckboy-free Dattch for Android in the meantime.