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Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond.

Happy 420! Today we give you The Emerald Triangle Girls, a website dedicated to queer porn and pot! Owned by Emeraude Media, the woman-owned adult production company is based in San Francisco. The company prides itself on the safety and comfort of their performers and spaces, which they say is responsible for the quality of their output.

The company’s name refers to an area in Northern California known for producing copious amounts of ganja. Emeraude’s mission is to “capture the hottest women in the adult industry who are true cannabis enthusiast and are down for authentic sex. Many of the models have an equal passion for sex and marijuana.”

Daisy Ducati

Daisy Ducati.

“Emerald Triangle Girls promotes hot lesbian sex with marijuana-themed plots: sexy motorcycle chicks entice a young innocent to fuck and smoke for the first time ever; an all­-girl band in their smoke filled ’70s shaggin’ waggon; the classic slumber party taken up a notch with colorful cakes, candies and fucking in the kitchen.”

Sounds pretty rad, both literally and figuratively.

[Warning: NSFW image below.]

Jenny Sativa

Jenny Sativa.

“Porn should be artistic. Consuming smut is good for you. Marijuana is medical (and recreational in some states). Emerald Triangle Girls is a genius blend; it fits society’s shifting landscape towards acceptance that sex and marijuana do mix and they are actually good for you!”