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It’s easy to feel inundated by ads and signs everywhere. These days, you can’t even use a bathroom in a bar without being surrounded by advertisements and posters.

However, one poster is helping protect women in Lincolnshire, England. Linked to the international #NoMore campaign, this poster by the Lincolnshire County Council is part of an effort to combat domestic violence worldwide.

This particular poster introduces us to Angela. Instead of a person, she’s a code word. If you are on a bad date or just trying to fight off a creeper,  you can go to the bar and ask for “Angela.” From there, “she” will discreetly call a cab for you or help you covertly, without a fuss.


Not everyone is comfortable with saying “Beat it, creep!” nor is every situation a safe one in which to do so. The great thing about having an “Angela” around is that it can provide you with a way to slip out without causing a potentially dangerous scene.

This may not sound like that big of a deal. What’s a poster going to do? Well, considering 12.7 million people report being stalked, raped or assaulted by a domestic partner each year — approximately New York and Los Angeles’ populations combined — each gesture of solidarity, each effort to ensure safety matters.


Another aspect of this campaign is that it directly goes after the “bystander effect.” How many times have you seen a bad situation going down and not known how you could help? By creating “Angela,” the #NoMore campaign has come up with a way to quietly support women, femmes and other folks in bad situations. The posters themselves create potential fodder for discussion in the bathroom line, but that conversation goes far beyond the echo of those tiled walls.

In a world where women are killed for saying no to a date with a man, “Angela” is a guardian angel who may have already saved lives without us knowing.