Vintage Sunday: Top Six At Mercy Vintage NOW

Terry Cloth Rainbow Flip-Flops $24, Feather Rainbow Sandals $26


Are you kidding me!? I didn’t even remember these rainbow puppies ever existed! Slip your concrete ticklers into these babies to the tune of ‘Slow Ride’, and take a saucy stroll around Lake Merritt. Not really, they hardly have the arch support you need from that 3 mile walk. Instead, pack a picnic and sit next to the lake, admire your lucky little toes, and congratulate yourself: you got your PRIDE shopping done two and a half months early!

Watermelon Wrap Skirt $28


You are too cute! Watermelons are too cute! This effing watermelon wrap skirt is WAY too effing cute!!! Go buy it, ya freak!


1960s Floral One-piece Swimsuit $32


Speaking of cute, they don’t come cuter than this! This 1960s floral one piece swimsuit is classic — so classic that you’re gonna have to put in some time online looking for an oldie-timey swim cap to match. Make your friends go buy their own vintage swimsuits so you can form a synchronized swimming team and call yourselves the Stroaklandettes.

Mui Mui Shorty Shorts $75


Lead with your legs in these shorty shorty shorty shorts. Got some super hot off-white go-go boots? This is why. Tease your hair up real good and giant, give yourself a smokey eye, and bust out your favorite medallion necklace — you put all those girls in the Austin Powers movies to shame. Except Beyonce — there’s no shaming Beyonce.

Made In The Shade! Sunglasses Playsuit $48


This. Playsuit. Is. Totes. Adorbs. Not totally sure what a playsuit is? Well, I wasn’t either. Let’s just say, this is the perfect garment to wear to your wooden racket tennis match. Bust out your knee socks and vintage Saucony sneaks, throw your hair up in a high pony and go play some croquet, already!