Vintage Sunday: Top Five At Mercy Vintage NOW

Floral Peasant Dress $32, Linen Blue Rose Dress $68


These dresses are perfect to wear while hanging your laundry with old fashion clothespins. Wanna look like Joon from Benny and Joon, minus the snorkel and motorcycle helmet? Here’s your dress. These are ultra springy, so head on over to Mercy and get sprung! Summon Joon’s artistic ways, bust out an enormous canvas, and use some kitchen utensils to paint out your crazy. Who knows, maybe you’ll attract a Buster Keaton wannabe/Johnny Depp look alike! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.


Floral Belted Poly Jumpsuit $28


You’re gonna have to find a swanky pool party in the Oakland hills to attend, because this belted floral jumpsuit is too fly. Megan Draper would sport this look while ignoring the fact that her hottie husband is a cheater MacCheaterson, which shouldn’t surprise her too much since he cheated on both wife and mistress when he fell for her. But you could never be so naive while wearing vintage polyester — no! Instead, you harness your intuition. Style this jumpsuit with huge hair or a big ol’ floppy hat, and some giant sunglasses to remove dramatically, revealing your cat eye eyeliner. Rrawwrr.


Cotton Polka Dot Day Dress $58

black w: white polka dots and red trim

This little number is a Rockabilly dream, so bust out your kerchief and work those bangs into some sort of Gwen Stefani doo-wop curl! Pair this dress with bobby socks and some stripper-style platform Mary Jane Saddle Shoes, and head over to Lake Merrit for a shake and some fries from Kwik Burger. Betty Page has nothing on you, girl.


Floral Heels $26


These floral heels are way too good! They’ll carry just about any outfit, but a black pencil skirted dress with a smart clutch will let everyone know you’ve really got your shit together. Bust out a broach, or better yet, a Jackie O head scarf. Don’t forget some vintage gloves, because those railings you’ll gingerly run your fingers over don’t deserve your fingerprints.

flower_shoes 1_Mercy_Vintage_Sunday_Oakland_Wear_Your_Voice