Vintage Gardening Dress $38


Sure, this dress would suit an afternoon picnic at Mountain View Cemetery followed by a Sunday ice cream sundae at Fenton’s (or my absolute favorite, Mexican chocolate gelato at Lush), but in my mind, it was made for festive light gardening, or at least watering plants with an old–timey metal watering can. Granted, I’ve never had my own garden because I never lived in a place that was well-suited for gardening for long enough (and/or I lacked the motivation and know-how), but I long for the day that I can proudly present my very own home-grown produce. While I’ve never gardened in my own yard, I have helped out in my parents’ gardens, and my diverse list of past gigs includes landscaping. You may be thinking that gardening is a dirty endeavor, and a dress may not seem the most appropriate attire. Au contraire mon frere! True, certain gardening tasks demand shorts or pants, but I firmly believe in pairing manual labor with dress-up clothes (I used to wear wigs or crazy hats while mowing my family’s lawn). A major part of gardening is watering, and with the right hose setting, your steady hand can control soil backsplash enough for you to wear what you will. Plus, this crop-hungry frock is some sort of easily washable cotton or cotton blend — all the better for flappin’ in the wind on your backyard clothesline.


Yellow Sculptable Hat $24


Hey, while you’re at it in the garden with your gentle-flow hose or vintage metal watering, you may need to shade your peepers; enter this amazing sculptable sun/church/not–quite-derby hat!


It matches the dress, it catches the cute neighbor’s eye, it makes the world a better place.


Coral/Rust-Colored 70s Knit Shorts $28


I was super tempted to tell you to wear these cutie–cute knit shorts for weeding, kneeling on one of those cushy yellow pads to protect your precious knees — because I can totally see them paired with a cute halter top and your sculpted a yellow sun hat — but alas, no. Even I can admit that knit has no place in the garden.


However, once you’ve freshened up, they would work perfectly for sitting at your outdoor patio table, lemonade or Shandy sipping and enjoying the fruits of your labor, edibly or visually. And don’t forget your oversized sunglasses. Even though you won’t need them with your sun hat, they’ll just complete the look. You can flip that brim up, or sculpt it perfectly askew to highlight your ‘good side’ (as if there were any other).


Nearly-Neon Garden Party Dress $44


Do garden parties happen in Oakland? Well, they should, and you should wear this eye-catching nearly-neon little number to one — maybe you’re very own, since you will have spent so much time watering it in your dress and hat, an’ all. If you dare, put some white gloves on to show ‘em how it’s done.


Vintage Christian Dior Empire Waist Dress $48


This ever-so-adorable Christian Dior dress seems very Elaine Robinson from ‘The Graduate’ to me, and is totally appropriate for attending a wedding that is different from hers in most every way. Elaine had to jilt her hubby-to-be at the alter after Benjamin Braddock snatched her to her senses with his obsessive window-pounding, but you need no such drama to actualize your freedom. Whether you travel with a ‘guest’, or sport it stag, your independence is plain to see. You pave your own path in life and in love, and hopefully you don’t have to worry about your mom creepin’ on your love interest!