100% Wool Bandito Pantalones $58


“Regulators… Mount up!” Technically, these are men’s pants, but I think we can agree slacks such as these transcend gender.


Come on, banditas! Holster your gun-safety, Universal Background Check mentality, and gallop your way down to your nearest waterhole/piano bar so you can belt out ‘My Little Buttercup’, originally sung by Martin Short in ‘¡Three Amigos!’


Flower Power Top $36


This top is so Goldie Hawn in ‘Laugh In’! Bust out you’re off-white gogo boots and a bright orange mini. And don’t forget your black eyeliner – you’re going to need plenty for your exaggerated cat eye – all the better to get your laugh in, on, and all around Oakland!


Super Baddass Snakeskin Pants $38


I love snakes, so I’m not big on the idea of them being killed and skinned for fashion. But I do think buying vintage reptile skin, fur, and leather is different than buying it new, since you’re not supporting the industry. Go ahead and agree with me, and run down to pretty penny and try these on to see if you are the lucky winner. It is going to take a mighty special person to pull these pants off, and if you are that special snakeskin Cindarella, consider yourself blessed by the serpent queen.


Green Silk 20s Dress $125


I don’t know about you, but I am fairly certain that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I was a flapper in a past life. If you are like me in that sense and you, too, long for the sepia tone days of the roaring 20s, you need this dress! Granted, it doesn’t have fringe for your flappin’, but it’s perfect for sitting pretty in the parlor. Full disclosure; there are some areas that are slightly discolored (understandably, since it’s been around for nearly a hundred years), but they merely add character. Plus, they won’t show up in the sepia tone memories you’ll be creating in this lifetime. Come on, you know you want to celebrate your right to vote by sipping on a bathtub Gin and Tonic in some green silk from way back in the good ol’ days of your yester-life.


Reversible Vintage Purse $32


Hoooolllllyy shit, this purse is too cool for skool! I thought it was pretty amazing at first glance, but I had no idea the depths that were hidden in this little handbag. When I checked the price tag, it said ‘Reversible Purse’. I thought to myself, “Reversible? What ever could that mean?”


What it means is that this purse is a twofer (one of my moms favorite terms). Basically, you can unclip the purse’s ‘jacket’, if you will, and flip the outer coat around and clip it on inside out for a new look.


Are you in the mood to rock a vintage upholstery look? Or are you having a sleek black moment?


Either way, this person has you covered, and it’s in great shape, to boot. Snatch up this purse and show the world that you have steez, plural!