The bay area offers plenty of office and non-office jobs that allow for business-casual or casual-casual attire, but some of us have to dress up for work, with the mere hope of casual Friday. That’s right, people — I now belong to the dressy-work club cuz I got a new gig, and I really like it for plenty of reasons, one being the excuse to buy some new duds ( don’t worry — Wear Your Voice will always be my favorite job ). Remember when I got all dramatic about having to take those stupid Microsoft office assessments on my vacation? Well, turns out, it paid off. This week’s Vintage Sunday is for the working girls ( not that kind, though that could make for an interesting Vintage Sunday article ), and/or women whose style demands a blouse from time to time. And if you hurry your booty on down there in the next few hours, you’ll catch the last day of their 20% off Customer Appreciation Sale!

Gold Printed Bow Neck Blouse $26, Wide Striped Bow Neck Blouse $18, Silver Bow Neck Sweater $22, Narrow Striped Bow Neck Blouse $22, Black and Grey Striped Straight Ruffle Collared Blouse $18


I decided to do a little research last night for this article, so I googled working women in TV and movies, which led to me playing a few episodes of ‘Designing Women’ in the background while I search the Internet ( hey, little Saturday night ). While this show is more racist than I remembered from my younger years, these women fully embraced the bow neck blouse. Have you?

This here photo features quite a range of looks. Are you looking to flash through the office, catching your coworker’s eyes whether they like it or not with your gold printed 80s bow neck blouse? Pretty Penny’s got you covered? Are you, like me, a fan of turquoise/blue/olive green combo? How’s about a silver shimmery sweater? Clown-chic bow neck blouse, anyone? Searching for that sexually pent up, Victorian style? Pretty Penny has a vintage top for every day of the week.

Baby Blue Tiered Collar Button-Down Blouse $22, Floral Print Bow Neck Blouse $24, Hot Pink Button-Down Blouse $24, Magenta Button-Down Blouse $22, Diagonal Multi-Color Balloon-Sleeved Blouse $24


Baby blue is a great way to start off a Monday morning. Like a gentle sky that eases you into a bright, vibrant day, this sweet little blouse will start your week off in a most glorious way.


On Tuesday you’ll want to take it up a notch. This multicolored floral print gauzy blouse will assure your co-workers that you’re far from boring, inciting intrigue. HUMP DAY = HOT PINK DAY! Magenta is the kind of color that can get you through Thursday, but on Friday, you’re gonna need to turn it up. I’m most certainly not suggesting that this diagonally-striped balloon sleeved blouse is day-to-night, because in my book, it’s not, but do what you will. However, it’s certainly festive enough for happy hour, And it’s inherent zest will inspire a festive look for for your Friday evening events — which you will have certainly discovered through Gina’s ‘How To Friday Oakland Style’ Wear Your Voice article, which comes out every Wednesday. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll take off your work clothes, put on some yoga pants and a comfortable T-shirt, walk your dog, and watch something useless like ‘Designing Women’, assuring yourself you’ll get off your ass and out into the wonder that is Oakland tomorrow. But, having worn such a lively top ( not to mention making it through the work week unscathed ) will justify your lazy/comfiness.

Pink Knee-Length Skirt $22, Hot Orange Wool Lined Skirt $26, Rusty Burnt Orange Knit Skirt $24, Multi-Colored Dressy-Enough-For-Work Skirt $32


What’s a blouse without a skirt? It’s many things, but it’s not work-appropriate ( unless we are talking about the other kind of work, girl ). Light pink is not my thing at all, but maybe it’s yours, in which case, you’ve got a great option here. Hot orange is generally not my thing, but if only the skirt fit me, it would be. This bright orange skirt will turn you into Joan Holloway, and who can argue with that? A darker shade of orange – reddish/rusty – would be lovely with a nice, work-appropriate sweater, and this gauzy multicolored skirt is light as a feather. Paired with the right slip, it can nearly Calgon-take-you-away to a bathtub offering far more privacy than your cubicle. And, if you really want to go all out, there’s a matching top ( which inpired the term “clown-chic” ). With such an outstanding print, I think the two together would be a bit matchy-matchey, but who am I to judge? If that’s your thing, suit up, you classy clown, you!