1960s Suzy Perette New York Long-Sleeved Flower Power Shift Dress $58


Normally when I referenced a Suzy Perrette dress, I’m talking about the classic, stereotypical 1950s, Donna Reed-type dress ( originally known as Dior’s “New Look” ) traditionally worn with a petticoat and awkwardly pointy-boobed bra. While the dress line became iconic for that particular silhouette, the actual fashion line continued on into the early 1970s.


In addition to an amazing print, this dress features a silhouette headed for liberation — no petticoat required — and would be perfect for a date with yourself. Check out an exhibit at the museum, or go solo to see a movie, then go have a meal with yourself at a cozy spot, great for people watching. Onlookers will envy your independence and smart style while you feel sorry for all the people who don’t enjoy their own company. Get your purple flower power on in this frock, just because you can.


Hypnotic Geometric Print Floor-length Polyester Dress $92


Speaking of prints, this floor-length dress features one of the most amazing prints I’ve seen in a while. Arching geometric patterns will hypnotize all who come in contact with you while wearing this dress, so get ready to take advantage of their dress induced State of blind adoration.


Vintage Heels — Black Suede with Ornate Silver Buckle $32, Pastel Christian Dior with Bow and Buckle $32, Navy Leather with Studded Rectangular Buckle $25, Old-timey Black Leather with Small Buckle $32


SHOES! We all love them. There is no such thing as owning too many, and we’re always looking for pairs with the potential to match a variety of looks. Each of these pair of shoes could be worn with short or long dresses, and are work appropriate but could also be worn to a speakeasy.


These pastel vintage Dior heels are too adorable! Their endearing metal buckle gives a shabby chic feel that balances the bow embellishment so successfully even a non-pastel non-bow wearer, such as myself, would wear them. They could even be paired with the right pair of cigarette pants and a sweet blouse for a more casual look.


Vintage Plastic-Lined Sandals — Grey Suede $26, Silver Lamé Squiggles $24


Until my sister gave me a vintage pair of shoes she wore as part of a Charlie’s Angels Halloween costume, I thought that clear plastic on shoes were reserved for children’s jellies and strippers. Not so. How else would you wear a shoe with lamé squiggles against seemingly bare skin?



Printed Linen Button-Down Joon Dress $52


Here we have one of my favorite Joon ( from ‘Benny in Joon’ ) dresses ever! This print is too good, and I’ve never seen contemporary linen look anywhere near as interesting and authentic as vintage versions.


While the buttons featured suit the dress perfectly, the dress also comes with buttons covered in the same incredible printed fabric. I know you’re probably sick of me bringing up laundry-hanging appropriate frocks, but come on. Bring on the wooden clothespins!


Black and White Lace-Up Wingtip Heels $66, Black Leather Basket Purse $36


Have you found any lace-up black and white wing tip heels lately? Well, have you? How about leather basket purse? I didn’t think so. And look at the shape they’re in! These babies hardly even look used — all the better to throw you back into vintage mentality. Looking for a safe way to transport a glass figurine, Tarantula, or bubbler? Pretty Penny’s got you covered. Walk your way down there in your boring shoes, and trade them out for these wingtips. If they have flexible soles, your old shoes might even fit in your new purse for your walk home!